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Monday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Football:

The Football Expert is predicting that three Red Raiders will be drafted in the April's NFL draft. For those of you who can't get enough of the draft, the aforementioned link is a 7 round mock draft.

It's been a long weekend, but please take the time to read the post from Saturday morning on Coach Leach. Sunday Morning Quarterback also has a writeup and much more eloquent.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has a nice follow-up article on the victory over Colorado. I found this quote the most interesting:

"I'm always the leader on the practice floor or in the locker room, but that's the extent of it," Knight said. "I don't go on dates with these guys. I don't choose girlfriends for them. I don't eat breakfast with them or come around and wake them up in the morning. That's when guys really have to be after each other. ... We have guys that are reluctant to get on each other's (butts) and that hurts us."

SI's Grant Wahl has everything you ever wanted to know about Kevin Durant. Also, Wahl gives praise to Coach Knight on page 2 of the same article.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Tech wins it's 6th game in a row, taking the final game and sweeping the Midland Classic against St. John's 7-5.

George Watson also has his game recap and gives a majority of the credit to the offensive execution.

Go check out the Big 12 Baseball Week Review over at Corn Nation.

I promise to update the baseball standings on Monday night.