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Coach Leach: Rule Changer and Protester

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to write about this yesterday morning, I really am. Work's been entirely too hectic, blah, blah, blah. I know, no excuses.

LAJ's Don Williams got a great article out of Mike Leach and the new rule changes. There are some rules that he's glad got changed, and others, not so much. It's times like these where Don is so glad he gets to cover Texas Tech football and Coach Leach, the story literally writes itself.

We discussed yesterday about the "clock rule" being returned to its old state, but now, Coach Leach has another cause, apparently called team timeouts willl be shortened from 65 seconds to 30 seconds. Leach's reaction:

"I probably would just take a (delay-of-game) penalty and refuse to go out there,'' Leach said when asked if he could condense one of his frequent sideline talks to half the time.

Thankfully Leach isn't done. Here's how he really feels about the "time out rule" and the "clock rule":

"Everything on the timeout (proposals) is stupid, and it's not just dumb, it's really dumb,'' Leach said. "And then everything on changing the clock back to where it used to be is brilliant. That is literally Nobel Prize quality intellect and intelligence going into that.''

Mike has also has a recommendation for the committee in charge of these things:

"Here's what they should do,'' Leach said. "They should spend the morning changing the clock rule back to what it was before and what served football well for quite some time, and then as far as anything on the timeout rule, they shouldn't mess with it at all. They should pat themselves on the back for a job well done in the morning, and they should go golf all afternoon.''

Coach Leach has figured out a way to protest this new "time out rule":

"Because I'm against the entire thing, I will strategically never tell them if I'm going to take a penalty or not, so I'm thereby screwing TV of a potential opportunity for a commercial,'' Leach said. "I'm like the gnat on 'The Love Boat' that's trying to sink it.

"If we're on a TV (network) I like a lot, I might cut a deal before the game,'' Leach added. "Tell them if I call timeout, I'm going to take a penalty before we go back out there, so you can go to commercial. Otherwise, I'm not going to tell them, so they're on their own.''

I love Coach Leach, I really do.