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Wednesday Morning Notes

Don't expect too much of me today due to today's "holiday".

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game article and this from Coach Knight:

"Jackson's basket was obviously a great thing for us to wind up the game with, but it's the first time now in our last three games where we made the play to win the game," said Tech head coach Bob Knight, who avoided a six-game losing streak for the first time since his last season at Army (1970-71). "In the other two games we lost because of judgment or not being able to make a play."

Knight also praises Jackson for using the shot fake.

"The thing that pleased me most, because we have been after Jackson because of his failure to use the shot fake a lot," Knight said. "He came down and had the presence of mind enough to know how much time was left, he made a shot fake and that cleared his shot and then he hit it."

Having never been to a Coach Knight basketball practice, I would imagine he tells the team to use the shot fake and to block out, a minimum of 300 times per game.

Zeno had this to say about Decensae White:

"He showed that he really wanted to play with the work he did this week, and he made the travel team," said Tech's Martin Zeno, who finished with 19 points, including 14 in the second half. "He came out there and produced (Tuesday)."

Texas Tech Baseball:

The baseball club doesn't play again until Thursday.

Texas Tech Football:

We reached an important mark sometime on Tuesday, we are officially under 200 days until football begins.

Tech is sending 5 players to the NFL combine, including Joe Filani, Jarrett Hicks, Gabe Hall, Manny Ramirez and Alex Reyes. Congrats to each of them.