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Sunday Morning Notes

Texas Tech Basketball:

FWST's John Miller has his game article which focuses on Knight's strategy to only bring 10 players.  It didn't occur to me until this morning that Suljagic wasn't available because he wasn't in Stillwater.

"We're not satisfied with our competitiveness, and we just decided to travel with 10 players," Knight said.

Among those left at home was 6-foot-8, 248-pound forward Damir Suljagic, who has played in all but three games this season and started six.

"I don't regret not bringing anybody," Knight said.

Well, I kinda regret it.  It would have been nice to put Suljagic on Boggans rather than Michael Prince who just doesn't have the size to compete with Boggan.  Here's what I don't get.  Plefka manages 0 rebounds against Nebraska and he gets to travel.  Dora doesn't even play against Nebraska and travels.  Jay Mitchell, that's right, that's not one of my usual typos, travels.  I know Suljagic isn't a perfect player, but he knows how to play post defense.  I just can't believe that Knight didn't even give himself the option.

For those of you who don't think that Boggan didn't notice that Michael Prince was going to be guarding him, think again:

"My eyes got real big when they fouled out," Boggan said. "I felt that I was able to work down low and ask for the ball. I just got in there and played hard by scoring and getting rebounds."

Knight had this to say about the overtimes:

"Anytime that you're in overtime, you can pick out 50 things during the course of the game that would have enabled you to win it," Knight said. "I was pleased with our team to have the chances that we had to win it. They had one more chance than we did and capitalized on it."

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his game article as well and focuses on the 10 player issue.

"We've been trying to get things to be as competitive as possible in practice since the beginning of the year," Knight said. "So, this is another way to do that and the people we take will be the people that practice the best and give us the best chance to win."

Guards Benny Valentine, LucQuente White and Decensae White and forward Damir Suljagic didn't make the trip to Stillwater, Okla.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The Red Raiders received some really bad news this weekend as Miles Morgan is done for the year and will undergo survery to repair a torn rotator cuff.  The article linked here, LAJ's George Watson goes into some really good detail here.

That's a huge loss for the Raiders.  Coach Hays had this to say about how the team will adjust:

"We've got to reshuffle our expectations," Hays said. "We've got three games left (this weekend) so we're going to stretch everything out and see everybody in the next three days and see what we can learn from there. Then we'll regroup, head into next week and do it all over again."

Due to cold weather, Tech will play two games today.

Texas Tech Football:

I've done a ton of writing this weekend and will be rolling out some articles over the next few weeks.  First, I'll finish the retrospect on recruiting.  I've completed the 2006 retrospect and I'll post that on Monday.  I've also compared the classes, done some math and have some conclusions on the success of Texas Tech's recruits and I'll probably post that later in the week.

I'm also moving forward with the Review/Preview of each position and will post those as they're completed.  I've finished the running backs, lineman and wide receivers.