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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Vote For Crabtree Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Michael Crabtree, Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden and Chris Long were announced as finalists for the AT&T All-America of the Year. DTN reader djollie111 was all over this yesterday and has the details of how you can vote for Crabtree. Stuff that ballot box!

Our friend Bond at DT! has returned from vacation with a good story about meeting a SWC legend.

Texas Tech Football:

In Mike Leach coaching news, Sporting News' Tom Deinhart says that Mike Leach and Steve Mariucci are the names he is still hearing for the UCLA head coaching position. Deinhart's source said that Leach will talk with UCLA officials on Tuesday. We'll see.

Freshman receiver Michael Crabtree was named to the Football Writers Association of America All-American First Team. This makes it four out of the five first teams of the NCAA recognized All-American teams for Mr. Crabtree. Also noted in the press release is that UT did not have a player named on the First Team, which is something that hasn't happened in 13 years.

LAJ's Don Williams has an excellent article this morning about the future competition at middle linebacker with Victor Hunter and Sam Fehoko. Interim defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill says that Brian Duncan might not move back to the middle because of the improving play of Hunter:

"Brian's done well outside, so that makes me hesitate,'' McNeill said. "It's more because Brian has done well outside, and we've gotten eight or nine games with him at outside linebacker, valuable reps, so that makes it difficult to move him.

"Coupled with the fact that Victor did well the last two games and improved really each week, that gives you a great decision and a great place to be in as a football coach.''

Good stuff from Don this morning, go read the whole thing.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker talks with Coach Pat Knight about the 10 day break between games. I thought this was the most interesting quote from Coach Pat Knight:

"A big question mark is our inside game. I think we'll end up having to play small a lot this year because, honestly, we just can't count on those big guys," Pat Knight said. "(Rizvic) hit a couple of buckets but you saw them. He still struggles like he's 6-5. From a defensive standpoint, he's not bad because it's hard to shoot over a 7-footer. He got away with some things (against Louisiana Tech) that against teams in the Big 12, he's going to get blocked. To change with that, we just tell him not to shoot unless you're wide open.

"... We're still looking. That's why we're playing guys like (Mike) Singletary and D'walyn Roberts, because we might have to go small like we used to use Mikey Marshall in that position."

Knight sees the same things that we see, that as nice as it was for Rizvic to get some time, and he may be the best big man option right now, he still struggles mightily offensively. I would be fine with Roberts and Singletary getting a bulk of the time, but that would mean that Texas Tech fans would need to be patient with this club. Playing 3 freshmen means that there will be some growing pains. There's no other way around it.