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Stripes! Glorious Stripes!

I noticed that the Texas Tech Men's Basketball website had a link to the media guide, which I had never noticed before, and what did I find? These incredibly sweet uniforms from the 1941-9142 team:

I love the striped socks, however the short-shorts, I could do without. Don't forget that Texas Tech has somewhat of a history with striped uniforms. The 1938 Texas Tech football team had some awesomely striped uniforms snapped by local Lubbock photographer Winston Reeves:

I also shouldn't let this opportunity pass us by without referring to the nice job that UniWatch reader Mike Ferry did to add a little color to the picture above (which by the way, UW originally tipped me off to this collection of wonderful photographs):

If Texas Tech brought back those uniforms from 1938, I just might be in heaven.