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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Fairly Certain That They Haven't Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Last night I mused how my cognitive response to Leach caused me to pause for concern about whether or not he will take the UCLA position, while DTN reader Blitzburgh wrote an excellent response and told us not to worry. In response to Blitzburgh, my only thought is that good jobs on the West Coast don't come open very often, if and when they do, I think Leach is going to take a look, if for no other reason than he likes it in California. Nothing against Lubbock, I'm just guessing it's personal preference. Yes, Texas Tech has everyone returning and it should be a special season for Red Raiders in 2008. I too tend to agree that UCLA isn't the be-all-end-all job (everyone tends to think that they're school is the best), but it think it's a matter of opportunity or the lack of opportunity to return to the West Coast and those options just don't come around very often. This of course all hinges on the idea that Leach wants to return to the West Coast, and I think that's the driving factor.

And just to be clear, I hope like hell that Coach Leach stays at Texas Tech, which is why I made the plea to Baby Jesus.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams talks with Virginia's head coach, Al Groh about the prospect of playing our Red Raiders. Here's Coach Groh:

"We've got to try to get the point total down, but what we've also got to do is get our point total a lot higher than it's been," said Groh, whose team has gotten to 9-3 by winning several close, fairly low-scoring games. "If we hold them to 25, that might be one of the lowest point totals they've been held to all year, and it might not be sufficient for us to win the game. So it challenges us in all respects."

Don also takes a look at a number of the offensive performers for Virginia. Good stuff this morning.

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook returns with Coach Leach's response to the UCLA position:

"Impossible to say. Like I say, just worried about Tech. These things surface all the time. I can't put on the brakes and stop the presses every time this stuff happens. I've got to worry about taking care of business.''

When asked if anyone from UCLA has been in contact with Coach Leach or his agent:

"I'm fairly certain that they haven't,'' Leach said when asked if anyone representing UCLA had been in touch with him or his agent, Gary O'Hagan.

DMN's Chuck Carlton writes this morning about Coach Mack Brown and Coach Leach agreeing on wanting some changes made to the BCS. Coach Leach proposes a playoff with a 10 game regular season:

"The fear would be if they do some little thing like just have some extra game. All that is going to do is perpetuate the problem," Leach said. "I think they need a big one ..."

He said that a Plus One game "would be a complete waste of time."

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach believes a 64-team playoff format could work in the top level of college football.

Leach provided concrete underpinning to his plan. Teams would play 10 regular-season games and have one week off before the playoffs began. Non-playoff teams would fill the void with interdivisional play, a football NIT.

The biggest reason why I think Leach is in favor of something like this is because on any given Saturday, his offense has the chance to beat just about any team in the nation. Yes, it's that efficient.

FWST's Jimmy Burch breaks down how most Big 12 coaches voted on the final USA Today/Coaches Poll. Yes, most coaches voted for their own team, but interestingly, Leach voted Texas Tech #22, Dan Hawkins voted Texas Tech #21, Bob Stoops voted Texas Tech #20 and former Aggie head coach, Dennis Franchione . . . didn't rank Texas Tech at all.