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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Strength of Schedule Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

My cold took me back for a horrible set-back last night as I didn't write a thing in the evening for the first time in a long time. I'm feeling much better this morning. You'll note that the Q&A with The Good Ol' Blog, a Virginia Cavaliers blog, is posted below.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has a tremendous article on the birth of the passing offense, started by John Jenkins at the University of Houston 20 years ago and it's comparison with the Texas Tech spread offense. For those of you who have ever wondered how to describe the Texas Tech offense Don provides a nice synopsis and lots of detail:

The spread offense run by the Red Raiders is characterized by multiple formations; a lot of underneath crossing routes for the receivers; straight handoffs, screens and shovel passes for what's most often one running back; and extraordinarily large splits among the pass protectors.

The width of the splits make even Jenkins' jaw drop. It's one of the first things many notice the first time they see the Red Raiders.

Wider gaps create passing lanes for the quarterback, Leach thinks. And with offensive tackles farther from the center, defensive ends have a longer path to reach the quarterback. Those one of two extra steps can be the difference in the quarterback getting his pass off or getting buried.

Excellent work from Don this morning.

Reading Don's article made me think that I had saved an article on my Google Reader about the history of the Shotgun from Smart Football. I could not recommend this article more as you try and waste time until the weekend. You'll thank me later.

Hat-tip to Fanblogs, Final Strength of Schedule Rankings for 2007 have been released and Fanblogs compiled 3 of the more noted rankings.

Update [2007-12-27 7:37:55 by Seth C]: I forgot to mention that and hat-tip to liquidsmoke who mentioned it first on DTN, The Good Ol' Blog has confirmed that starting Virginia cornerback Chris Cook will not play in the Gator Bowl. That's good news for our Red Raiders.