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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Going Up Against the Best Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I should have the Q&A session with the Sabre Blog tomorrow, I've posted the secondary preview this morning and you can expect the Special Teams, Coaching and Intangible previews later in the week and the first part of next week.

Don't forget to critique my look at personnel should Texas Tech decide to run the 3-4 defense.

Texas Tech Football:

FWST's Dwain Price previews one of my most anticipated matchups for the Gator Bowl between Virginia's defensive end Chris Long and Texas Tech left tackle Rylan Reed. Here's Reed on Long:

"It's always exciting going against the best," said Reed, a 6-6, 285-pound junior. "That's what you want to prepare for is the best.

"But he's an incredible athlete. I've seen plenty of film on him. He goes 100 percent every play, so it'll be a great matchup."

I think Reed can show how underrated he was throughout the year, perhaps even setting the tone for next year as well.

Garry Smits from The Times-Union give us an update on the ticket situation, as apparently there's some controversy between season ticket holders and Virginia who are essentially auctioning off the best seats to the highest bidder.

The great Phil Steele is predicting a Texas Tech victory over Virginia. If you've never heard of Steele before, Phil Steele is one of the best when it comes to college football knowledge and would recommend that all of you purchase his preview magazine in the summer.