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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Tweak It A Little Edition

Double-T Nation News:

If this is the last I see of you guys before the holiday break, Merry Christmas and travel safe. I'm going to continue to blog over the weekend and there's a pretty good chance that I'm going to the game on Saturday so if you're near a computer, keep checking in on DTN.

Damn, I've fallen asleep at 8:30 last night and the night before. It's been 2 years since I've been sick, but I think I turned the corner as I'm feeling much better.

Texas Tech Football:

Once again, no permanent link, LAJ's Don Williams on the unique ability of receiver Eric Morris to find the endzone. Here's Captain Leach on Morris:

"He corners well,'' Leach said. "Short. Corners well. Great at finding space. He gets little creases and seams. He's always had a sense for the end zone. You should have seen his highlight tape from high school.''

Perhaps the most interesting item is from Morris himself about how he's able to get open and what type of route he considers successful:

"We like to get me on little quick outs and things like that, similar kind of to what Wes (Welker of the New England Patriots) is doing in the NFL,'' Morris said Thursday. "That's one of the things that I do well is run quick ins or quick outs.

"It's something that we noticed at the first of the year, that we like to get the ball to me quick, and then one thing that coach (Dana) Holgorsen always emphasized to me is getting straight up field -- not worrying about making people miss as much as just getting the ball and going, and that worked out well for me this year.''

Texas Tech Basketball:

Good stuff from DMN's Brandon George on the succession process with Pat Knight and his father, Bob Knight. Here's George and the younger Knight on part of the process:

Part of the Knights' master plan is to make sure Pat is ready when his day comes. Ever since Pat joined his father at Tech in 2001, he's had a hand in almost every aspect of the program. Pat said he does everything from coaching, recruiting and game preparation to running practices, speaking engagements and talking with the media.

"Everything a head coach does, I do, which has been good," Pat said. "Coach prepares all of us. The thing is, he gives you a lot of rope so you can hang yourself, so you have to be careful. But he's really trying to get me prepared."

I've always been on board with having Pat Knight as the head coach designate and I've always gotten the feeling that if Pat were an assistant coach at some other school he'd be a hot commodity in the coaching ranks. I'll grant you that this scenario really can't play out, but I've also always thought that AD Gerald Myers has had a pretty good track record in hiring coaches, especially recently. I trust Gerald.

I encourage you to read the whole article, but I thought this part at the end of the article was good stuff from George:

"I'll put my own stamp on it and tweak it a little to my liking," Pat said. "But how practices are run, how you deal with kids, I agree with everything my father does. If I didn't, I wouldn't have played for him at Indiana or let alone come work for him."

Pat said he feels comfortable following in his father's footsteps at Tech because he's been involved with building the program from the ground up since his arrival in Lubbock.

"When I came here, Tech was in a rebuilding process. That's been good because I have my thumbprint on everything here because my dad has let me be involved in everything," Pat Knight said. "If we were at Indiana, there was no way I would agree to take over for him. I really look forward to the day when I can run this team. My dad has definitely given me a head start."

DMN's George also has Pat Knight comment that this weekend's game in Dallas may be the last as it takes away one home game.