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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Then Relax Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

I'll be honest, figuring out the BCS mess gives me extreme tired-head. There's just so much to think about and unless I actually write it down and that's just not going to happen this morning. I still think our Red Raiders will go to the Gator Bowl, but many are saying that because Missouri lost, Texas Tech will be headed to the Alamo Bowl. Now we just wait until 7:00 p.m. tonight (I think) on ESPN where the various bowls will be announced.

If you can't wait then I'd like to point you to Garnet and Black Attack, a South Carolina blog, where there's a very detailed breakdown of who should be playing for the mythical national championship.

Texas Tech Football:

While making my weekly YouTube search for all things Texas Tech, I found this interview of Michael Crabtree from CSTV.

And a highlight video (is that Incubus):

Texas Tech Basketball:


The Texas Tech Red Raiders lost to Centenary yesterday, 70-66. I left to got to dinner with some friends with about 11 minutes to go in the 2nd half so I believe I missed the worst of it and if you want to blame me for messing with the mojo that's fine.

This is what you're going to get with this team - inconsistency. This is a young, but talented group and I think that Coach Knight will be able to coach them up for most games, but there's going to be some stinkers too. I'm not making excuses for this club, Centenary, besides not having the supposed talent base that Texas Tech has, is young as well, but their guys obviously made plays while our guys didn't.

Perhaps the most bothersome thing for me is the lack of a frontcourt rotation. I know that who is playing well is a real hit-or-miss situation, but Knight & Co. need to consistently give guys minutes and see what they can do. I've always thought that the non-conference games are supposed to be about being ready for the Big 12 and I still do. I think we've settled that the backcourt rotation will be Burgess, Zeno, Voskuil, Roberson and to a lesser extent, Singletary (I think he plays both in the frontcourt and backcourt).

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his story from yesterday's game. For those of you who didn't watch yesterday's broadcast (which by the way, may have been the worst broadcast I've seen from the TTTN and although I'm thankful I get to watch Texas Tech, it wasn't good), Coach Knight did not return for the 2nd half as he's been ill since returning from Alaska. Here's Coach Pat Knight on the loss:

"We broke open a good lead, and then it's the tendency of our kids to break open a big lead and then relax," said Tech head coach Pat Knight, who took over on the bench after Bob Knight left at halftime due to illness. "They think the other team is just going to keel over and die for you, and that's just not going to happen. It's been a hard thing for us. ... The guys kind of get satisfied with themselves, and I think that's what happened."