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Is Texas Tech Married to the Spread Offense?

Just something I started thinking about as I was watching the NFL this afternoon was the idea of most of the coaching suggestions should Coach Leach decide to leave for another job, are both offensive coaches and run the spread offense. New DTN reader Tech92 started things off with a pretty good list and I like most of the names on the list, but I started thinking if Texas Tech fans would revolt if Gerald Myers hired a coach who led a more traditional offense or a defensive minded head coach.

Taking personnel aside, I realize that most of the players Texas Tech has are based on the spread offense, but do you feel some sort of ownership with the spread offense? Would you hate to give it up in exchange for a great defense? I'm not saying that you can't have both, not at all, but what if a new coach decided to implement a more pro-style offense rather than the spread?

Or better yet, what if Texas Tech decided to hire Mike Singletary? What if Myers got him into Lubbock, told him that we had a commitment to winning a national championship and he was hired? Remember, he was considered for last year's Dallas Cowboys coaching vacancy. I know it's a long shot, but I thought it was a decent conversation at the least.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.