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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Questions Needed Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I got an email from Rob at The Sabre, a Virginia Cavaliers blog, and we'll be trading questions later this week. If you have any questions that you'd like me to ask Rob, then please email me with your thoughts by Thursday. We'll make this a community effort.

I'll start previewing the defense tomorrow, starting with the defensive line. As an aside, I don't want to curb conversations about what each position will look like next year, but to say that I also intend to do positional reviews and previews after the season ends. It can be a very long offseason and I try to stretch it out as long as possible. Thus, feel free to speculate and hypothesize, because yes, there's going to be some interesting positional battles over the summer and spring. I can't wait.

Texas Tech Football:

Kaykyakr, ask and you shall receive, either that or Don Williams is reading our blog. LAJ's Don Williams talks with receiver turned safety L.A. Reed about the position switch. Here's Texas Tech safeties coach Carlos Mainord:

"He's a smart guy who's picked things up,'' Tech safeties coach Carlos Mainord said. "He certainly needs every day of practice that he can get, but he's coming on well and fitting in well and giving good effort. He looks good so far.''


"Not just athletic ability,'' Mainord said, "but I've seen L.A. on special teams, so I know that he'll hit you. He's a good tackler. He's a real physical player. He's got athletic ability, but those other things are very important.''

Don reminds us that Reed was suspended for one game (I can't remember which one it was this early) and Williams reports that it was disagreements between receivers coach Lincoln Riley as well as a disagreement with Eric Morris. Coach Leach doesn't think it's the disagreement that led to the position change, but Reed's talent:

"If that were the problem, I wouldn't have just thrown it over on defense,'' Leach said. "That didn't have anything to do with (the position switch). ... He's the best special-teams player in the conference, he's great at tackling, and he can potentially get more snaps over there.''

Reed is, however, looking forward to the challenge:

"Special teams is a lot of open-field tackling,'' he said. "This should be a little bit easier. You've got more people around the ball. At safety, you're not the first person to get there. On special teams, as a gunner, I'm the first person down there, trying to make a tackle in the open field.''

Eric Morris visited Anton Elementary School and here's the link to the photo. Does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious, or something, that Morris can dominate on the football field, but is only a little bit taller than the 2nd grade teacher? I think Morris is great and kudos to Eric for taking the time to visit an elementary school.

College Football:

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse writes this morning about the lack of integrity in college football coaches. Barnhouse details the coaching opportunities of new Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez, Arkansas' Bobby Petrino, and Tulsa's Todd Graham, who was negotiating with Tulsa in the bathroom while negotiating with Rice on a contract extension. Amazing.