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Quick Coach Leach and UCLA Update

DMN's Brandon George is reporting that UCLA hasn't so much as contacted Texas Tech to talk with Coach Leach. Here's George with the scoop:

Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers told me today that he hasn't been contacted by UCLA concerning its interest in Leach.

"I have not heard anything from UCLA or Coach Leach about that. I would have to say it's probably not accurate," Myers said. "I know [UCLA athletic director] Dan Guerrero pretty well, and I feel like he would call me before he talked to Leach or set up an interview, and I have not heard from him."

Leach is on the road with several Tech assistant football coaches recruiting today and Tuesday and is scheduled to be back in Lubbock on Wednesday for a Red Raiders' football practice.

Granted, UCLA isn't required to ask for permission, but that's the way these things usually work and I can't imagine that UCLA wouldn't ask for permission first before speaking with Leach.

Should this signal an end to the "Coach Leach to UCLA" rumors now?