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Texas Tech Baseball Announces 2009 Recruiting Class

Coach Dan Spencer and Coach Trent Petrie.

Encouraging news from the baseball program as Texas Tech, Coach Larry Hays, Associate Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Dan Spencer and Assistant Coach Trent Petrie announced their 2009 signing class. Here's the official release from the university, but I'd like to point you in the direction of a LAJ article by George Watson who had a number of great quotes from Coach Spencer about the class. First thing, please go read the whole article, George does some great work and this article is no exception.

How about this quote from Spencer:

"I think we were received very well," Spencer said. "That doesn't mean everybody said yes, but everybody we saw that we should have, we were in their house. We lost a couple of kids we talked to and worked hard on to Texas, one to (Texas) A&M and one to Arkansas, but we were in the right buildings and we're going to continue to do that. They'll understand that if they don't go to Texas Tech it won't be because Texas Tech isn't calling or isn't interested."

How much do you love that? Obviously not the part about some of the kids going elsewhere, but the part about Coach Spencer being in the homes of the right players and that if they choose not to come to Texas Tech, it wasn't because there was no offer. I thought when Spencer was hired he was going to be a great addition to Texas Tech, but he's beginning to exceed my expectation. I love his attitude and aggressiveness.

I also loved the fact that so many freshman were signed. I understand that Coach Hays needed to win now, but not Coach Spencer is looking towards the future and thinking long-term. That's great news for this program.

Here's Coach Spencer on the class:

"We were concerned about adding depth to the middle infield, so we addressed that," associate head coach and recruiting coordinator Dan Spencer said. "We had to get a true center fielder and we got one. Then we wanted to get a group of young arms in and try to develop them for two, three, four years and give us time with them. We needed to get younger and develop a foundation."


"There are two or three position players, one of whom ... can come in and start for us as a freshman," Spencer said. "The catcher gives us instant credibility behind Monk (Kreder). We have to be a two-catcher system. There will be some guys (on the current team) who will be pushed to play."

I can't to see how this season plays out with Coach Spencer aboard.