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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Still Trying To Figure It Out Edition

Double-T Nation News:

My football pants are going crazy with the latest edition to the SB Nation family, Mocking the Draft by Matt Miller, which is a blog solely dedicated to the NFL draft. Yes, I love the NFL draft and I've already added this to my Google news reader.

Corn Nation, a Nebraska Cornhuskers blog, asks if the NCAA needs a minority hiring rule, especially considering that the only minority head coaching candidate that I've run across is Buffalo's Turner Gill. Certainly some interesting stuff.

Texas Tech Football:

The Big 12 Championship game is tonight and FWST's Wendell Barnhouse is expecting chaos and anarchy after today's championship games. Barnhouse also runs down the different scenarios that could play out today. Good stuff.

For those of you looking for information on Oklahoma or Missouri, then look no further than Crimson and Cream Machine, an Oklahoma Sooners blog, and Rock M Nation, a Missouri Tigers blog. Both excellently written and well done blogs.

No news is good news, which means that there isn't anything of substance on the possibility of Mike Leach leaving for "greener pastures". In other college football news, new Baylor head coach Art Biles may add former SMU head coach, Phil Bennett.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker discusses the improvement of this Red Raider team since the loss to Sam Houston State. Assistant Coach Chris Beard on the team:

"I think we've gotten better," Beard said on Friday before the team left for Shreveport, La. "Now, how good we are or if we're ready to compete in the Big 12, I don't think we can answer that yet. We're better than we were at Sam Houston.

"We're still a young team and by that I mean, if you look at a guy like (freshman) John Roberson, he's playing in only his eighth college basketball game. D'Walyn (Roberts) and Mike Singletary have been in the mix too and it's the same for them. They're still trying to figure out how we play and we're figuring out who to play. If you look at Singletary, he was probably the best guy on the floor at the end of the game the other night (against TCU) besides Martin Zeno and we're only eight games into the season."

Certainly encouraging words from Coach Beard and I think most fans feel that this is a young team, but we're willing to be patient. Luckily for Texas Tech fans, the freshmen have been better than expected and done a nice job of adjusting to Division I games, evidenced by the great run in Alaska.