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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Two Tough Games Edition

Double T Nation News:

DTN Readers have been invited to a Texas tailgate and this is the type of sports camaraderie that I love, the good folks over at Longhorn Nation are planning their biggest tailgate of the year. Also, the Austin chapter of the Texas Tech alumni association will be having a tailgate. Either way, go have fun you crazy kids.

Thank you Double Extra Point for posting pictures of Sam Keller's girlfriend. Keller may have turned out to be a marginal quarterback, but don't feel sorry for him in the ladies department.

By the way, if you are a basketball junkie, there are a bunch of good college basketball blogs out there, but one of my new favorites is Rush the Court.

Reports out of Waco is that Guy Morris has been let go and I could point you to a traditional media source, but that would be preposterous when you and I both know that BearMeat will have this covered. Just give them time, the Rebel Yell is mighty powerful and I'm sure there was celebrating last night.

Texas Tech Football:

Excellent work by DMN's Brandon George as he features redshirt freshman linebacker Brian Duncan. It's articles and students like these who make you proud to be a Red Raider. Go read the whole thing.

FWST's Dwain Price features the idea that the Red Raiders want a sweep for their final two regular season games. Quarterback Graham Harrell:

"There are two tough games coming up, but that's part of playing Big 12 football," Tech quarterback Graham Harrell said. "They deserve a lot of credit; they've won lots of games lately. Those two teams have played in the national championship [game] in the past few years, and both of them have won one recently."

Another interesting article by LAJ's Don Williams where he gets the coaching staff to let on as which players are performing at a high level on the scout team and apparently, it's Baron Batch, Sam Fehoko and Adrian Reese. Here's assistant coach Dana Holgorsen:

"Mike always asks for the scout team player of the day,'' Holgorsen said, "and it's Baron Batch probably about three-quarters of the time. He does the same thing in Thursday night football. ... Baron's always a big hit out there, and probably Reese more than anybody.''

On the defensive side of the ball, Sam Fehoko is impressing Coach Leach:

"He's incredibly physical,'' Leach said. "He has good instincts for the ball. He's really evasive. Like somebody goes to block him, he's really good at shedding the block. Part of it's with his feet and just sort of his feel for things. And then he really does a good job leading the charge as far as intensity and tempo out there.''

Also mentioned is seemingly forgotten linebacker, Tyrone Sonier:

"He runs well. He's got a good nose for the ball,'' McNeill said. "He's got a good punch. He'll be a good player.''

There are quite a few more players mentioned in the article, so go read the whole thing.

Texas Tech Basketball:

There are a few basketball previews this morning, starting with SAEN's Tim Griffin, who thinks the Red Raiders have one of the deepest teams to-date, and then the DMN is picking Texas Tech to finish 7th in the conference, and feels that replacing Jackson will be difficult. The LAJ was supposed to have a preview this morning, but wasn't posted online as of this morning. You may check back later today.