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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - "The Stage Is Set" Edition

Double T Nation News:

I was able to completely ignore my wife when we arrived home yesterday afternoon and wrote reviews of the offense and the defense as well as posting video highlights from the Baylor game.

I think that we're going to dub this week the "Stage Is Set" Week, because this is an opportunity game. This program will be meeting a perfect opportunity to make a statement on Saturday afternoon and we'll talk about this opportunity all week.

DTN reader Liquidsmoke mentioned in the defensive review comments that #95, Hamilton, was once a prospect with Oklahoma State and a defensive end. I guess my thought was that it surely couldn't be David Neill as it would seem silly to remove his redshirt so late in the year. It being a completely different person makes more sense.

This dovetails into Liquidsmoke noticing that the Baylor, Texas Tech game is currently set on his DirectTV schedule on FSN @ 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night. Set your Tivo's.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams features the Longhorn running game this morning, in particular Jamaal Charles. This isn't a big secret, nor is it anything other than obvious when playing the Longhorns - stop the run. Easier said than done. Leach had plenty of good things to say about his running back, Aaron Crawford:

"I thought he played well,'' Leach said. "Good debut for him. It wasn't totally his debut, but it pretty much was, as far as us featuring him, and I thought he did well.''

As did quarterback Graham Harrell:

"He played really well, but we've known he's a good player,'' quarterback Graham Harrell said. "He played really hard. You can argue he plays as hard as anyone on the team. When you play hard, good things are going to happen.''

Big 12 Football:

DMN goes Around the Big 12 . . . SAEN's Tim Griffin compiles his Big 12 Notebook as well as his Big 12 Report . . . FWST's Jimmy Burch tries to figure out which teams could land in a BCS bowl . . .