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Texas Tech 38, Baylor 7: The Offense

Ed Note: Since I didn't get to see the game, I thought that I would briefly review each position as well as take a look at each drive. Let me know if you like the idea of taking a look at each drive and if it is something that you like.

The Offensive Positions:

  • Quarterback: Harrell was efficient and well played from looking at the play-by-play. Harrell completed 80% of his passes, had 9 yards per attempt, and had 15 attempts per touchdown. That's where Harrell is supposed to be.

    Participated: Graham Harrell and Tyler Potts.

  • Running Backs: Aaron Crawford did an excellent job of getting the ball in the endzone, scoring 4 times, averaged 4.9 yards a carry and had 10 receptions for 82 yards. As woeful as the running game has been recently, I'll take it. Kobey Lewis had 7 carries for just under 4 yards a carry. I still wouldn't mind seeing a few more funds sprinkled here and there. It's funny how Leach opened up the game with 2 running plays in a row and then he goes 8 straight plays without a running play. Of course 4 of those plays was the 4 play 78 yard drive that took all of 40 seconds off of the clock. Anyway, the running game got a little boost with Crawford's play, but I still say the Red Raiders will need to be able to run the ball next week.

    Participated: Kobey Lewis, Aaron Crawford and David Schaefer.

  • Receivers: I had made the request that one player step up early to take the pressure off of Crabtree, thinking that it should be Lewis or Britton. Actually, it was EMO who caught a 37 yard pass from Harrell to set the tone for the rest of the day. This was the only touchdown from the group for the entire game, but Amendola, Britton, Crabtree, Morris, Reed and Lewis all averaged over 10 yards a reception. That means that they were no longer going over the middle of the field for the 4 and 5 yard receptions. Big chunks of yards.

    Participated: Eric Morris, Michael Crabtree, Danny Amendola, Edward Britton, Grant Walker, Detron Lewis, Adrian Reese, Lyle Leong, L.A. Reed, and Brik Brinker.

  • Offensive Line: No sacks and only one quarterback hurry, at least on the stat sheet. Crawford and Lewis had room to run and Crawford was effective on screen plays, which meant that the linemen were getting out and blocking down the field.

    Participation: Rylan Reed, Louis Vasquez, Shawn Byrnes, Brandon Carter, Marlon Winn, Chris Olson, and Stephen Hamby.

The Offensive Drives:

  • 1st Drive (1Q, 1st series): Crawford had 2 running plays right off the bat, but a dropped pass by L.A. Reed ended a quick 3 and out drive.

  • 2nd Drive (1Q, 7:47 remaining): Three big passes, with the last going to Eric Morris for a touchdown. The drive started with a dropped pass to Michael Crabtree, but then Britton had a grab for 21, Crawford for 20 and then the Morris reception. I like the large chunks of yards that the receivers and Crawford were able to gain and get down the field quickly.

  • 3rd Drive (1Q, 5:28 remaining): This was the Crawford, Amendola and Kobey Lewis drive as they pretty much dominated this drive. This 13 play drive took up 4:23 of the clock and ended with a 3 yard touchdown and consisted of 4 rushing attempts and 9 passes. Harrell completed every pass on this drive.

  • 4th Drive (2Q, 12:45 remaining): Another dropped pass by Crabtree started out this drive and the offense only managed 5 yards. LaCour punted 60 yards, backing up the Bears to their own 31 yard line.

  • 5th Drive (2Q, 8:35 remaining): This drive, started again with two incomplete passes, but Harrell connected on 4 straight, including Crabtree for 23 yards and Amendola for 22 yards. The offense stalled out (no rushing plays for this entire drive) and Trlica missed a 32 yard field goal.

  • 6th Drive (2Q, 1:09 remaining): Harrell completes his first 3 passes, including two passes to Michael Crabtree, the first for 15 yards and the second for 29 yards. Trlica makes a 23 yard field goal to end the half.

  • 7th Drive (3Q, 2:28 remaining): This drive, which consisted of only 1 pass to Crawford for 17 yards, however, it was the punt return of Amendola that got Texas Tech so deep in Baylor territory.

  • 8th Drive (3Q, 10:45 remaining): A pretty strange drive, which included a 10 yard holding penalty by Crabtree. After this holding penalty, Harrell completed 6 straight passes and then Crawford topped it off with a 17 yard touchdown run. Of those 6 completed passes, Walker, Morris, Britton, Amendola and Crawford all chipped in to help.

  • 9th Drive (3Q, 5:35 remaining): Amendola led off the drive with a 26 yard completion with a few running plays mixed in the beginning of the drive by Crawford, Harrell and Lewis. Harrell then completed passes to Britton, Reese, Reed and the second and final touchdown pass to Crawford for 7 yards. Other than the 26 yard Amendola completion, the longest pass was 11 yards to Britton.

  • 10th Drive (3Q, 1:09 remaining): This drive started off with a personal foul penalty against Baylor, giving Texas Tech the ball at their 42. Harrell had a few short passes, but then completed a 15 yard pass to Britton. A delay of game penalty and the next thing you know, Taylor Potts is in the game and misses on a pass to L.A. Reed. This is the 2nd of Trlica's missed field goals.

  • 11th Drive (4Q, 10:30): The second 3 and only out of the day with Lewis losing 3 yards and Potts missing on 2 passes. LaCour punts for 53 yards.

  • 12th Drive (4Q, 8:41 remaining): Kobey Lewis opens this drive with 2 rushing plays and then Taylor Potts completes a pass to Reese for 8 yards, Reed for 9 yards and then what appears to have been a 15 yard pass to Lewis, that would have been a touchdown, but Lewis fumbles and Baylor recovers in their endzone for a touchback.

  • 13th Drive (4Q, 0:49 remaining): The final drive of the game, with 2 complete passes to Brinker (11 yards) and Lewis (16 tards). Time expires and this is the end of the game.