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Texas Tech 38, Baylor 7: The Defense

Ed Note: Since I didn't get to see the game, I thought that I would briefly review each position as well as take a look at each drive. Let me know if you like the idea of taking a look at each drive and if it is something that you like.

The Defensive Positions:

  • Defensive Line: The bad was that this unit gave up almost 91 yards rushing to a team that was only averaging 60-something yards a game before Saturday. I would also have like to see a little pressure on the quarterback and the only quarterback hurries came from Brandon Williams, who also forced a Szymanski to fumble, Daniel Howard and Colby Whitlock. Brandon Williams also managed the only sack for the unit.

    Participated: Jake Ratliff, Colby Whitlock, Rajon Henley, Brandon Williams, Clint Stoffels, Sandy Riley, Daniel Howard, Tyler Yenzer, Brian Jones and Richard Jones (there was also a A. Hamilton (#95) that played, but I'm not real sure I know who that is -- any help would be appreciated. I saw that David Neill is listed as #95 on the roster, but I still have no idea who Hamilton is).

  • Linebackers: Paul Williams led the way with 10 tackles, which included 2 for a loss. Blake Collier was back on the field, making an imact where he also record a sack as well as another .5 tackle for a loss. Brian Duncan had 7 tackles and Marlon Williams had 6 tackles. Not a bad day from your starters and Collier who, if he were healthy, could challenge for the weakside spot. Lots of linebackers played on Saturday which makes me wonder if McNeill is still searching for a rotation that works or if he just wanted to get lots of guys some playing time.

    Participated: Marlon Williams, Paul Williams, Brian Duncan, Julius Howard, Blake Collier, Bront Bird, Ryan Hale, Chad Hill, Kellen Tillman, and Victor Hunter.

  • Secondary: McBath recorded an interception, to go along with 6 tackles, but it was Daniel Charbonnet who finished with 7 tackles for the day to lead the secondary. Charbonnet is starting to make quite a few tackles for this squad. Joe Garcia also finished with 6 tackles while Anthony Hines had 5 tackles. The cornerbacks, Jamar Wall and Chris Parker had 3 or less tackles a piece, which means that it wasn't necessary that they make tackles, which means that there were few plays that the corner

    Participated: Jamar Wall, Joe Garcia, Darcel McBath, Chris Parker, Marcus Bunton, Daniel Charbonnet, Anthony Hines, Lance Fuller, LaShawn Vation, Jordy Rowland, and Steven Harris.

  • Special Teams: I'm starting to get a little worried about Trlica. Alex missed 2 field goals, that were both makable (32 and 37 yards). I think we all need for Trlica to snap out of whatever kind of slump he might be in (he's only 8-15 for the year). Jonathan LaCour had his best day and perhaps solidified why Leach should trust him a little more as he averaged 43 yards a punt. Amendola was special as he returned a punt for 65 yards, but the other returners were merely pedestrian.

The Defensive Drives:

  • 1st Drive (1Q, 13:46 remaining): Baylor is driving all over the field in their opening drive and in fact drives to the Texas Tech 16 yard line before Brandon Williams sacks Baylor QB Szymanski where he fumbles and Williams recovers. Baylor was poised to score here, but as we well know, being in the plus side of turnovers wins games.
  • 2nd Drive (1Q, 7:07 remaining): A good defensive stand for the Red Raiders as Szymanski was sacked by Collier for a 12 yard loss. Baylor was forced to punt.
  • 3rd Drive (1Q, 1:05 remaining): Another pretty good drive for Baylor. There were a couple of nice plays here as Colby Whitlock and Daniel Howard each had a quarterback hurry, Howard's forcing Szymanski into an incomplete pass. Baylor is forced to punt again.
  • 4th Drive (2Q, 11:43 remaining): Baylor manages one 1st down and then Brian Duncan stops Jacoby Jones for no gain and Paul Williams stops Jones for a 4 yard loss. Good work by the linebackers on this drive on stopping the run. Baylor is forced to punt.
  • 5th Drive (2Q, 5:13 remaining): At this point in the game, it was only 14-0 in favor of Texas Tech and I would imagine that Morris felt that he needed to make a stand here. Overall, the Baylor offense was able to gain four 1st downs and an interception by Paul Williams that wasn't because of pass interference. Right after this penalty Texas Tech called a timeout and Szymanski was dropped for a 1 yard loss by B. Williams and Whitlock and another incomplete pass due to a B. Williams quarterback hurry. Baylor decides to go for it on 4th and 5 from Texas Tech's 23 and J. Jones only manages 4 yards, a huge stop by Darcel McBath and P. Williams. The ball is turned over on downs and a pretty big series for the Red Raiders.
  • 6th Drive (3Q, 15:00 remaining): A pass interference call on Bunton gets Baylor a 1st down, but that's the most offense that Baylor is able to muster for this drive as J. Jones is stopped for a 1 yard loss by Henley and Collier while Szymanski misses on 2 passes after the penalty.
  • 7th Drive (3Q, 12:22 remaining): Szymanski completes a 21 yard pass to Brad Taylor getting into Texas Tech territory, but that's as far as Baylor will go. P. Williams stops Whitaker for a 2 yard loss and 2 more incompletions force a Baylor punt.
  • 8th Drive (3Q, 6:54 remaining): Szymanski starts out with an 18 yard completion on this drive, but a Baylor penalty and short passes, then result in a McBath interception on the Texas Tech 34.
  • 9th Drive (3Q, 2:12 remaining): John Weed is now in at quarterback and promptly rushes for 4 yards, but then misses on 2 passes after a Texas Tech penalty. Baylor is forced to punt.
  • 10th Drive (4Q, 5:37 remaining): A pretty quick Baylor 1st down is then met with problems by Weed as he has 1 incomplete pass and the 2 rushes for 5 yards total, both stopped by Brian Duncan. Baylor punts again.
  • 11th Drive (4Q, 9:38 remaining): Ryan Roberts is in at QB for the Bears, has 2 incomplete passes, rushes up the field for 1 yard and Baylor punts.
  • 12th Drive (4Q, 5:42 remaining): This is Baylor's lone touchdown drive and I would imagine that all of the starters are no longer in the game. Szymanski is now in the game again and Jordy Rowland is making quite a few tackles. Szymanski completes a pass to Whitaker for a 7 yard touchdown.