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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Tremendous Job Edition

Double T Nation News:

Not much time this morning. Went to bed late, up early and need to get to work early as well.

One thing that's been bothering me is the fire that Masked Rider Kevin Burns has come under since his ride during the Oklahoma game is that I haven't seen where Kevin has had an outlet to give his two cents. Kevin, this is an open invitation to you to let you know that I'd give you the floor on DTN. Just email me (my email address is to the upper right) and I'll let you say your peace.

All you get is links this morning. Have a happy Friday.

Texas Tech Football:

Most of the newspapers have come out with their All-Big 12 teams. The DMN doesn't think that Crabtree, despite being named an All-American, isn't the freshman of the year. Crabtree and Vasquez make the first team while Rylan Reed and Brandon Williams made the second team. The SAEN properly names Crabtree as freshman of the year and then names both Crabtree and Vasquez to their first team while Danny Amendola and Joe Garcia are named to the second team and has a separate article about the now offensive nature of the Big 12.

Louis Vasquez and Michael Crabtree were named to the AP's first team All-Big 12 while defensive end Brandon Williams was named to the second team. Here's Vasquez on the linemen as a whole:

"I think we've done a tremendous job,'' Vasquez said. "The o-line as a group, we came out, worked hard and got better every day. I guess we used the doubt and questioning as motivation to show everybody that we're not the weakness of the team. I think we've done a tremendous job working hard each practice.''

Texas Tech Basketball:

An excellent article by LAJ's Jeff Walker about the halftime adjustments that were made during Wednesday's win against TCU. Here's Walker on what happened before the start of the second half:

When Texas Tech came out of the locker room Wednesday to start the second half against TCU, the Red Raiders didn't work on their shooting despite shooting 31 percent and trailing 35-29. Five guys took the floor as the rest of the team watched from the sidelines and the Red Raiders ran their motion offense without a defense. Players rotated until the buzzer sounded to start the second half.

Coach Knight also had some nice words to say about the play of Zeno:

"I thought this was his best game in terms of what he gave to the team, not from a standpoint of what he did as a player, but what he did," Knight said. "He kept guys going, he hustled, he made some big plays and got a couple of big rebounds. He did a really good job defending out on the perimeter. I think one of the keys for us in the second half was how he worked at containing the ball on the perimeter, and it kept them working a little more offensively."

According to the AP and the DMN, apparently the police report and the story told by James Simpson differ. There was also this tidbit that was dug up about the man making the complaints, James Simpson:

Simpson has previously been on the other side of criminal complaints in Lubbock County, but none resulted in convictions. Two misdemeanor assault cases were dismissed in 1993. A charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon was dismissed in February 2006 involving an alleged female victim.

Anyone surprised?