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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Baylor Game Day Edition

Double T Nation News:

It's game day and it's a game we need to win. I'm gone for the rest of the day, driving to San Antonio this morning, going to a wedding at 3:00 p.m., and then hopefully drinking myself silly over a blowout win over Baylor.

Go grab your first cup of coffee and let's get to some links.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams' feature this morning is about the Red Raiders' need to reduce the turnovers. Here's Coach Leach on Harrell and his recent problems:

"It's everything together,'' Leach said. "How well are we protecting him? How's he throwing it? How are we doing getting open? How are we doing running our routes? And also, of course, the other (team) deserves some credit, too.''

In Don's Tale of the Tape, the edge is clearly in favor or Texas Tech. Also from the LAJ are Texas Tech's Keys to Victory and Baylor's Keys to Victory. I couldn't agree more with item #1 of the Red Raider keys.

DMN's Brian Davis preview today's matchup and thinks the key to a victory is Texas Tech's ability to protect Graham Harrell.

FWST's Dwain Price previews today's game and says the most important thing Texas Tech can do is quickly forget the last two weeks. Here's Coach Leach (I think this quote is from earlier in the week):

"The biggest thing we're fighting right now is that we're a streaky team, which is kind of unfortunate," Red Raiders coach Mike Leach said. "Some of it comes with youth, and we just have to push through and keep working.

"We're a team that has a lot of explosion, and we're a team that, when we play together, we can play with anybody. We just have to do that on a more consistent basis and for longer periods of time."

Go grab your second cup of coffee and read SAEN's Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider. Happens to have lots of Longhorn stuff this morning, but Tim's always pretty good about spreading the wealth, it just so happens that today is mainly about UT, there's some gold from Coach Leach as well. Tim also picks Texas Tech this morning in his Big 12 Picks, but only by 11.