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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Michael Crabtree is BMF Edition

Double T Nation News:

SMQ links to the Rice University Marching Owl Band "tribute" to Tulsa football coach Todd Graham, who if you recall, signed an extension to coach at Rice, and the very next day jumped ship to Tulsa. That's right, the Rice MOB called Graham a douchebag and they asked that you send your emails to "your mom at mob dot rice dot E-D-U". Genius.

We have a couple of SB Nation bloggers, Burnt Orange Nation and Bring On The Cats, who are currently going through law school exams and to you two, I offer this light at the end of the tunnel. It's expensive, but I'm sure it would be worth it.

Texas Tech Football:

A number of Texas Tech players were named to the All-Big 12 Conference football team, led by the above referenced freshman receiver Michael Crabtree, who was named, along with Jeremy Maclin, as Offensive Freshman of the Year and First Team All-Big 12. Also on the First Team was kicker Alex Trlica. On the Second Team All-Big 12 was quarterback Graham Harrell. Honorable Mention: Danny Amendola, WR; Brandon Carter, OL; Joe Garcia, DB; Rajon Henley, DL; Darcel McBath, DB; Chris Parker, DB; Jonathan LaCour, P; Rylan Reed, OL; Louis Vasquez, OL; Jamar Wall, DB; Colby Whitlock, DL; Brandon Williams, DL; and Marlon Williams, LB.

I personally think that some of the offensive linemen we overlooked as they've kept Harrell upright almost all season long and they probably deserve a little more than honorable mention.

Congrats to all players!

Okay, I just don't get this, how can the Chron's Joe Durarte say this without having to so much as to provide the official who said it. If a blogger did this, he would be blasted.

Texas Tech officials have made it clear that Briles would be their top choice if Leach ever left.

Which Texas Tech officials have said that Briles would be Texas Tech's first option? I've looked, and couldn't find a darn thing. How can Duarte just make stuff up? Please, someone point me in the right direction here. If I'm wrong, I'm not afraid to admit, but don't print stuff that hasn't been said and if it has been said then say, "Texas Tech officials, in the Cone of Silence, have said that Art Briles would be an option if Mike Leach were to leave." See how easy that was.

As far as Coach Leach leaving, I have no idea. Just like anything else in life, if someone comes to you with an opportunity, then the least you can do is listen. As much as I love my job, I'd listen to a job opportunity if it came alone. That's not intended to disparage my employer, but about bettering my life, whether it be with money or a less stressful position, etc., is something that we should all consider. I'm not saying any of those factors are relevant in coaching football, but it's human nature, I think, to at least listen to an opportunity.

I'd absolutely hate for Coach Leach to leave Lubbock, as a blogger I would be heart-broken and as a fan I would be devastated. I've always thought that Coach Leach would only be enticed by the West Coast, but I don't know if they would "get him".

That's especially true with the Arkansas rumors, Lubbock is David Lynch-like, but Fayetteville is just plain weird. Big difference. Not only that, how much of a step up is Arkansas? If you are at a major program, you typically only get one shot at the big time and you had better save it for your dream job, otherwise you're probably just spinning your wheels.

In fact, ESPN's Pat Forde has this about the Arkansas job (hat-tip to DTN reader TSCCBNCampbell):

How good is the job: If you like statewide support, high-quality facilities and a healthy paycheck, this is the place for you. Then again, you're hardly in prime SEC recruiting territory and you're battling LSU, Alabama and Auburn every single season. And they're not going away. Many fans wanted more than what Nutt delivered, and The Dash isn't sure how realistic that is.

Sounds an awful lot like the Texas Tech job, right?

I also recall a recent Bruins Nation poll, which is a tremendous UCLA website, about who they wanted as their next head coach and Coach Leach garnered 2% of the vote. It doesn't sound like to me that there's a tremendous groundswell for Coach Leach to be the next head coach at UCLA. That doesn't necessarily mean that Coach Leach isn't a candidate, and I haven't seen where Coach Leach has officially thrown his hat in the ring, but I'm not so sure that this is the match made in heaven that everyone thinks it is.

DTN reader jmcster7 created this highlight video of the Texas Tech / OU game:

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker features this morning the outstanding play of freshman point guard John Roberson. Roberson had this to say about his recent play:

"I think it's been getting games under my belt and getting more experience," Roberson said on Tuesday as the Red Raiders prepared to host TCU. "With Coach Knight, you know if you do things right or wrong and the thing is to eliminate mistakes and get better."