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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Harrell Wins Baugh Trophy Edition

Double T Nation News:

Zebbie L over at Flags Over Raiderland had an interesting find via ESPN, Top 10 Dream Bowl Matchups for 2007, which includes Texas Tech v. LSU.

I am somewhat saddened as good blogging friend, BearMeat's Red Andrews has resigned from the BearMeat Editorial Board. Pour out some Rebel Yell on your curb for 'ol Red. Do not fear, however, as BearMeat will continue with Pat Neffistpheles at the helm.

Texas Tech Football:

Junior quarterback Graham Harrell was awarded the Sammy Baugh Trophy, which goes to the nation's top collegiate quarterback. The award ceremony is scheduled for February 19, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio.

As far as Sherman in Aggieland, I'll defer to KTCK's Bob Sturm who is a passionate Packer fan and his issues with Sherman:

So, if my two critiques of Mike Sherman are: 1) He couldn't draft to save his life and 2) he couldn't coach Brett Favre, then Aggies should realize that neither of those apply in college football, and therefore he should be a reasonable hire today. His in game strategy generally seemed too conservative, and of course, he is the only coach in Packers history to lose a playoff game at Lambeau Field (twice) and frankly his legacy in Green Bay is not going to make anyone forget Lambeau, Lombardi, or Holmgren.

After a little more thought, and having some great comments on the state of the Texas Tech football program, I started thinking about the "hot" names who will be filling college football coaching vacancies very quickly. Let's run through the list and you stop me when you find someone who brings more to the program than Captain Leach:

  1. Mike Sherman
  2. Art Briles
  3. Bob Davie
  4. Bo Pelini
  5. Brian Kelly
  6. Terry Bowden
  7. Bronco Mendenhall
  8. Paul Johnson
  9. Jim Grobe
  10. Houston Nutt

Those guys are all fine coaches, but are they better than Coach Leach? All of these guys have some serious flaws, whether it be big program experience, lack of college experiences, retread, etc. That's not to say that I don't think that Coach Leach has some issues to remedy, but do any of those names make you want to let go of Leach?

I'll keep my wagon hitched to Coach Leach's star.