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Texas Tech Beats #4 Oklahoma, 34-27

Celebrate here all you crazy pirates. That's right, Texas Tech and Mike Leach get a signature win as they beat Oklahoma 34-27. First things first, Oklahoma played a helluva game. Losing their starting quarterback and still having the opportunity to win the game says something about their program.

That being said, we've got some major props to give to Graham Harrell, Coach Leach, Michael Crabtree, Chris Parker, Darcel McBath, etc. This was a total team effort. What a great win for our Red Raiders.

This is your open post-game thread. Give me your offensive and defensive MVP's for the game. I'm tempted to go with a Harrell/Crawford combo on offense and a Parker/McBath combo on defense.

Here's the mustache.

And here's Michael Crabtree celebrating tonight with Graham Harrell.