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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Oklahoma Game Day Edition

Double T Nation News:

I still have two tickets available in section 102 that I'd love to get rid of for the low price of $45 each. I'll be able to email you the tickets and you can pay via PayPal and you can be at the game tonight. I will be out of pocket most of the morning (shopping with the wife), but I'll check my email upon my return. Send me an email and we'll git'er done.

My schedule for today entails shopping with aforementioned wife during the morning. Catching the basketball game later this afternoon (Tivo is set) and settling in for a football game later tonight. I'll have an open thread for the basketball game first and then the open thread for the football game later this afternoon. It should be a fun day.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams features this year's seniors as this will be the last home game of the year for the these Red Raiders. A good article as you get to know the some of these players a little bit better as individuals and not as football players.

Don also writes this morning about the fact that due to Oregon's loss, Texas Tech stands in the way of Oklahoma playing for a national championship. Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops:

"That's the challenge to our team is to continue to play well to accomplish those goals,'' OU coach Bob Stoops said. "I say it all the time: The more you win, the more important the games become, and so they've become very important here.''

Texas Tech's quarterback Graham Harrell is looking forward to tonight's matchup:

"I personally like playing at night a little better, I guess just because in high school that's what you get used to,'' Tech quarterback Graham Harrell said. "I don't know if it's anything any tougher (for opponents). I think our fans are probably a little rowdier the later it gets in the day. That'll be fun, and it'll be a great atmosphere.''

You know what time it is, go get another cup of coffee and enjoy SAEN's Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider. Quite a bit of Texas Tech news and notes, but more importantly, get caught up around the conference.


Texas Tech Basketball:

We learned last night that sophomore forward Decensae White was leaving the team. All of this still seems very abrupt and without warning. Something is not right here and I'm not quite sure what it is. Nevertheless, there is a game today and I would imagine that it will be tough for the team to concentrate on the task at hand after having one of their teammates leave them.

Walker also notes in the same article that Coach Knight & Co. signed 3 players to letters of intent earlier this week: Tyree Graham, Corbin Ray and Robert Lewandowski. Remember to check out the DTN 2008 Basketball Recruiting Board. Click on any player's name and you'll have instant Google News on that player.