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Decensae White No Longer On Team

LAJ's Jeff Walker is reporting that sophomore small forward Decensae White is no longer on the team. Per head coach Bob Knight:

"He came into here (Friday) morning and I don't know what he was coming in here for, but the first thing he says is 'I don't think this is working out,'" Knight said. "We talked for a while and so I just said maybe it's best if he went somewhere else that better suits him."

We'll discuss more tomorrow morning.

Update [2007-11-16 23:11:18 by Seth C]: This doesn't sound good.

DMN's Brandon George has talked with Decensae White's father and he had this to say about the situation with Coach Knight:

David White, who attended the Sam Houston State game in Huntsville, said Knight didn't give his son a chance to speak Friday.

"My son said Coach Knight kept cutting him off when he tried to speak," White said. "He's holding him to a whole other level than his teammates.

"I've been a great fan of his since the '70s, from high school on up. I forced my son to go to Texas Tech because I thought it would be good for him. There was God and then there was Coach Knight as far as I was concerned. I don't have that same opinion at all for him any more. I'm devastated."

White said he's not sure whether his son will transfer to another school.

"All I would like is to get my son out of Dodge without being the focus of any issue," White said. "There is more to be revealed later. Whatever is hid in the dark will come to the light.

"I told him last year that this situation is going to get worse, but I tried my best to think in my mind that it would be better. The same stuff is happening. I can't talk about it any more."

I don't like the way this is going, especially the part about "more to be revealed later". I'll say this, Knight has a tendency to push players who are more talented than others and perhaps Decensae was one of those players. He wouldn't let him settle for being less than great.

Still, the entire thing is very bothersome.