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Post Game Review: Texas Tech 54, Sam Houston St. 56

Player Comment
Martin Zeno Was the most productive on Wednesday night, but not consistently great.
Decensae White Saw minutes early in the 1st half, but was benched the entire 2nd half.
Alan Voskuil Right behind Zeno in minutes, but needs to be more assertive offensively.
Damir Suljagic Much more than I expected, contributed 6 points and 6 boards. That's a good day for Damir.
Charlie Burgess Perhaps the most disappointing of the returning contributors. Hasn't shown any improvement in offensive game.
Rogdrick Craig Minimal minutes.
John Roberson I think Knight wants Roberson to take over the point guard position and is giving him the opportunity.
Trevor Cook Was productive when he was in the game, but didn't see enough minutes.
Michael Prince Showed nice defensive intensity, but could also be more assertive on the offensive end.
Mike Singletary Minimal minutes.
D'Walyn Roberts Minimal minutes.

What Texas Tech Did Right:

  1. The Defense Was Better: Texas Tech held SHS to 36.5% shooting and I thought that as a whole, the team did an excellent job forcing difficult shots for the Bearkats. The problem was that there were numerous put-backs that created easier shots, but I thought that for the most part, the perimeter and post defense was good.
  2. Roberson Will Be Fine: After watching Roberson struggle a bit at the Goodwill Games, I thought that he might also struggle at Texas Tech, but that's not the case. I think that Knight is giving Roberson minutes, despite the somewhat shaky stretches, so that he will be the starter come conference play. Roberson has a better offensive game than Burgess and must work on creating more for his teammates, but Roberson is going to be good.
  3. Suljagic Is Improving: There's no doubt that Suljagic has shown a little something during these first two games. He's had a little bit better of a handle on offense and defensively he's always been solid.

What Texas Tech Did Wrong:

  1. Someone Has To Reach Down And Grab A Pair: That's right, someone needs to freaking step up. I think that Alan Voskuil is a talented player and there have been nights when Decensae White has been outstanding, but those two guys need to do something. Voskuil is too passive on the offensive end of the floor, and it's high time for him to lead this team and not merely be a passenger, along for the ride. Decensae White on the other hand needs to get back to doing what he does best - crash the boards and create some offense for yourself by picking up those garbage buckets. It shouldn't be difficult for White to dominate opponents like SHS and SFA because he is talented, he just can't fall in love with a perimeter based offense.
  2. Free Throws: That may have been the worst performance from the free throw line that I've seen from a Knight coached team. Roberson was the most guilty of the group, going 2-6 while Trevor cook was 1-3. Guys, it's easy. Take your time and make your shots.
  3. Do Not Depend On Zeno: This in part has a little to do with the first item in this section, but it seemed like almost the entire second half, the team was just waiting for Zeno to take a shot. That's not going to be successful. I thought Roberson did a better job of creating for himself later in the game, but someone from this group has got to create an opportunity or create a shot for a teammate. This completely passive passing offense is pitiful to watch.

After watching the Red Raiders lose a close one to SHS, I thought that this team needs to do one of two things. They need to get young or they need to play the veterans and compete. There's no reason why there needs to be much middle ground. The way I see it, the three freshman are more talented most of the other players on this team. I'm not saying that we shouldn't play Zeno or Burgess or whoever, but what I am saying is that they younger and more talented guys need to play. If this team is going to struggle then I'd like to see a young and talented team struggle rather than an older and least talented team struggle.

If it were me, I'd like to see more of Trevor Cook, Roberts, Roberson, DeBem and Singletary to go along with Zeno, Voskuil, Suljagic and White. Give me those players now and I think you win later.

Up Next: Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks, Saturday November 15, 2007 @ 11:00 a.m.