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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - In Spurts Edition

Double T Nation News:

Good friends Disco Tech! has a portion of the audio of Leach's press conference:

But DT! also has a theory as to Leach's motives, of which we suggested yesterday that Leach's reaction to the game was predetermined and with reason. Also in that DT! post is his quotation of DTN reader, Pablo. My biggest problem with Pablo's comments is that if we were to look at those comments from a legal perspective then they are hearsay, unless of course Pablo was actually in the replay booth, which by all indications that's not the case. I'm not saying that they are not true, but what I am saying is that unless the Texas Tech official who was in the replay booth comes forward and confirms that there was "high-fiving" going on between the replay official and the Texas official in the booth then we won't know the veracity of Pablo's statements and the comments are speculation at best. (As an aside, I'm not a trial attorney so my application of the definition of hearsay could be incorrect, but I will be more than willing to post that my interpretation was incorrect if that's the case). One other thing that I want to make clear. I am not calling Pablo a liar here, I'm just saying that what he's said makes it difficult to verify unless someone who was in the replay booth comes forward.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams Red Raider Notebook confirms that Coach Leach will learn of his sanctions most likely today. Coach Leach also stood by his comments on Monday and Don believes that Leach will likely face a $10,000.00 fine. That seems about right considering the precedent. Of course, we do have a new conference commissioner and he could choose to make an example out of Coach Leach, but that could prove to have some serious implications going forward.

In other Texas Tech news, Don Williams has the story of Coach Leach defending his defense:

"Defensively, it was a deal where we did some things in spurts, and I think we've been playing defense pretty well recently," Leach said. "I can't say it was one of our best efforts the other day, but I think Texas deserves a lot of credit for that, too. It was as good a game as I've seen Colt McCoy play, their running back (Jamaal Charles) continues to get better, and I thought their offensive line played well.

"The other thing is, teams battle to play complete games and, of the films I've watched, this was the one that Texas did play a complete game - which they're going to be real tough when they do that. Both defenses had a long day."

See, Coach Leach does know how to give credit, it just wasn't time to do it on Saturday.

FWST's Dwain Price affirms Coach Leach's position, but more interestingly, he has a quote from OSU Coach Mike Gundy who thinks that Michael Crabtree deserves to be an All-American:

"Somebody put me on a committee to vote for an All-American team, and I voted for him," Gundy said Monday. "He's had an outstanding game almost every week, and he's played at a high level, and he's been very, very productive, and I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be a first-team All-American."


"He does such a great job in the YAC yards, the yards after a catch," Gundy said of Crabtree. "He catches it, takes off and runs and then makes a play."