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Wrapping Up the Replay Booth Issue

Things get a little more interesting. Yesterday, DTN reader kayakyakr questioned the rumor that there was "high-fiving" going on in the replay booth between the replay official and the Texas official. In this comment and in this comment, Pablo affirmed that there was again celebrating or "high-fiving" between the replay official and the Texas official. Later in this diary Photo188 stated that he works media and was was at the game on Saturday and had this to say about what may have happened in the replay booth:

Replay booth & high-fives

I work media at games in the Big 12, and I was at this one. While I cannot personally verify or deny the story as you report it, because I was working a camera at that time, it seems very unlikely that the Tech coaches saw this.

The replay booth is at the south end (about the 25 yard line) of the top level of the UT pressbox. It is locked at all times and inaccessible to the public.

In between the replay booth and the visiting coaches box (at the north 25) are several other booths and glassed-in boxes, including the national TV announcers, the visiting AD's box, and a large area full of UT staff. From the visiting coaches box, it's virtually impossible to see anything that's going on in the replay booth, much less be able to see specific people doing specific things 50 yard away through multiple layers of glass, reflection, and lights. If you broke out at a full sprint down the back hallway from the visiting coaches booth down to the replay booth (which is locked at all times), it would take you a good bit of time to race from one box to the other. It's 50 yards through a crowded hallway with many obstacles and full of walking people. There is no way that Leach could have called the coaches booth and found out what was going on in the replay booth.

The inside of the replay booth can only be seen from the aisle to the right (south), and that area is occupied by UT pressbox staff.

I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I know the Tech coaches sure couldn't see in there.

Okay, we have another depiction of the events that fairly contradictory to what Pablo stated. We can question Photo188's and Pablo's credibility as much as the next guy. The nice thing here is that Photo188 doesn't appear to be necessarily biased, but you can draw your own conclusions.

kayakyakr the queried as to the number of people in the replay booth and in the 2007 NCAA Official Rules here's the personnel allowed in the replay booth (Rule 12, Section 4, Article 1):

ARTICLE 1. Instant replay personnel shall consist of the number of persons needed to operate the replay equipment within the necessary time constraints. A minimum of three persons shall be utilized to insure that all plays are reviewed in an efficient and a timely manner. Such persons are normally referred to as replay official, communicator and technician. Additional persons may be used as needed.

Please feel free to discuss below, but remember that we have a game to play.