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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - It May Be Biased Edition

Double T Nation News:

I'm pulling back the curtain a little bit into the real life of Seth C, my wife is having surgery next Monday (it's minor surgery, but I've always though that there's no such thing as minor surgery) and after thinking about it last week, I thought that I should stay at home this weekend rather than be in Lubbock for two days. As a result of my predicament, I've got two tickets for the Oklahoma game in Section 102. Shoot me an email if you're at all interested.

That also means that I won't be around much on Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th as I'll be hanging out with my wife in the hospital. Monday and Tuesday and I'll be relying on you guys to help out with story links in the diary section and when I get the chance to get to a computer, I'll promote them to the front page.

BON's Horn Brain is really putting together some interesting things about the inconsistencies of the BCS. There is a slight Texas slant to the article, but this is certainly more interesting than much of what I've read this morning.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ' Don Williams notes that Coach Leach is waiting to hear from the Big 12 office this morning. There are some quotes from AD Gerald Myers as well as Big 12 assistant commissioner, Bob Burda, but nothing new seems to have happened overnight. As I said yesterday, I'm almost positive that Leach's quotes were reasoned and measured responses to what happened on the field on Saturday. He knew the repercussions of what could happen and I'd prefer have a guy fight for our program rather than a guy who is willing to sacrifice a little for the betterment of the conference. At the very least, the officials next year will be a little more self-aware and there's nothing wrong with that. FWST's Jimmy Burch thinks that Coach Leach's post-game comments is exactly what this conference needs to spark conversation. And there's a point here too, there's no reason why anyone should be put in the situation of being an official when it's your hometown team that's playing. That's not to say that any of the officials were compromised, but let's just not put them in that position to begin with. Also from the FWST, Dwain Price thinks that Coach Leach should at the very least expect a stiff fine (I'm not at all worried about the fine for Coach Leach, I think he can afford it). SAEN's Tim Griffin has an excellent point about whether or not Coach Leach will be on the sidelines on Saturday against the Sooners:

What's certain is that the Big 12 is going to be very sensitive about this. No, not about Leach's comments so much.

Look for the conference to be super sensitive to how its response could skew the national perception of the conference in general.

After a rough start, the Big 12 has managed a mass invasion of the highest echelon of the BCS standings. Kansas (at No. 3), Oklahoma (No. 4) and Missouri (No. 5) are all poised to slide up into the national title game.

Because Saturday's game between OU and Tech holds serious BCS ramifications, it would be hard to believe that Leach won't be strolling the sidelines. If he doesn't coach, it could affect the public perception of the Sooners.

So don't expect the conference to allow a controversy such as this to upstage a near-monopoly of national attention.

"I know I'll be coaching the game," Leach said. "People have to know. People have to be aware, and people have to quit being afraid of fines."

One coach has.

I couldn't agree more Tim.

DMN's Chip Brown projects the Big 12 bowl possibilities and has this to say about Texas Tech's options:

Refundable ticket No. 1: If only one Big 12 team goes to the BCS, Tech could go to the Holiday Bowl - win or lose against Oklahoma on Saturday.

No. 2: If two teams from the Big 12 go to the BCS, and Tech beats OU, Red Raiders probably land in the Gator or Alamo Bowl.

No. 3: If two teams from the Big 12 go to the BCS and Tech loses to OU, it could be the Gator, Alamo, Independence or Texas Bowl.

Texas Tech Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker writes about the need for improvement of energy. Here's Coach Knight on the team's offense:

"I didn't think we looked very good on offense," Knight said. "We seemed disjointed. Guys were moving, but without a whole lot of purpose. ... We've got a long way to go."

And senior guard Martin Zeno talked about the need to have more energy during the game:

"(Knight) just talked about the effort as a whole and how we've got to be ready to play each and every game instead of sometimes playing lackadaisical," Zeno said. "He just wants us to keep our energy up the whole game."