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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Leong May Still Play Edition

Double T Nation News:

There's not much news out there this morning, but luckily we have Disco Tech! and BearMeat who have held their first annual summit. I'll warn you now, if you're at all easily offended by talk of whiskey, white women and hatred of Aggies then don't click on either link.

Last night I opened up a discussion about your satisfaction level with the program. Please feel free to contribute, although it appears that most of you are relatively happy with Leach, but you want more out of him, and that's natural. Hell, I want more out of Leach and this program, but I think Leach is guiding this program in a positive direction and it's just a matter of time.

Do you guys realize that we could still win the Big 12 South? DTN reader djollie111 took the time to figure out who has to win and who has to lose, and it's still a possibility. The Red Raiders are going to have to go on a 3 game winning streak and some teams are going to have to lose a few games, but it's possible.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that the Red Raiders may have lost Lyle Leong this week due to injury and for an extended period. DMN's Brandon George grabs a quote from receivers coach Lincoln Riley who says that he expects Leong to play:

"I expect Lyle to be able to play if we need him," Riley said. "He should be out there. He ran around [Wednesday] and looked good [in practice], so we expect him to be out there."

Remember that Leong practiced all spring with a cast on his hand (I think it was his left, but I could be wrong) so I think he is accustomed to playing in pain.

Big 12 and College Sports:

Make sure and check out FWST's Jimmy Burch's Big 12 Insider, and by the way, did you know that Marlon Winn was a rodeo competitor? Neither did I.

This really doesn't have a place, but do you realize that the Indiana basketball coaches (Kelvin Sampson & Co.) are in more trouble for calling recruits?

Indiana basketball coaches attended regular compliance meetings. They logged recruiting phone calls each week. They signed forms monthly attesting they didn't call recruits from home phones and received regular compliance memos and newsletters reminding them of NCAA rules.

Yet the university said in a 300-page report obtained by The Associated Press that coaches still made more than 100 calls in violation of NCAA rules or sanctions imposed on the program because of previous impermissible calls.

The NCAA is investigating the new violations outlined in the report.

Does Sampson just not care at all about the NCAA and when will the NCAA actually punish Indiana for these, and past violations?