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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - It's A Nuisance Edition

DTN News:

There's a new poll, predict the Texas A&M game outcome. The line was sitting at 8.5 last night so I bumped it up to 9. Last week, 50% of you correctly predicted that Texas Tech would beat ISU by 24 or more.

For my opinion on the Vick'Em t-shirt, just check out Bond J. Bond's post at Disco Tech!. I have a huge soft spot for dogs and it was a little over a year ago that I had to put my 2 year old labrador retriever to sleep because she had extreme kidney failure. Still a sad moment in my life. Thus, to me the Vick'Em t-shirt just isn't funny. I get that it's trying to be clever, but it's just not clever to me.

We're better than that.

Texas Tech Football:

DMN's Brian Davis does an excellent job of detailing the most recent history surrounding the Texas Tech/Texas A&M game. Former Texas A&M lineman had this to say about the series:

"I don't have a magic answer," former lineman Hunter Goodwin said. "My group is as much to blame as anybody because we started the trend in '95. That's a shame and it's hard for me to admit that. But we haven't been able to recover from that.

"Now, in the eyes of a lot of Tech fans, it's a big game. Whether A&M fans want to acknowledge it or not, it's a rivalry because they beat us."

LAJ's Don Williams has the latest on Coach Leach's broken arm. Here's coach Leach re-telling the story:

"It was a bad deal," he said. "Had a flat tire, then I tried to fill it and make a run for it, hoping that I could get in before it ran out of air again. It proceeded to run out of air. I took a routine turn, then went into a slide, so then it broke the arm."

This is why I love Leach. He makes over $1.5 million (I think) and he's trying to hump it home on a bike with a flat tire, not to mention he's in Lubbock where he would probably be given the keys to the car of any stranger he asks. The other part I love is that the broken arm, or the story about the broken arm is a "nuisance":

"It's just a mess," he said. "Went from a one-and-a-half-week deal to six. It's a nuisance."

That's right Coach, everything's a distraction other than the Aggies.

Don Williams features the Texas Tech students who are camping out for the best seats to Saturday's match-up. And make sure and check out Don's latest Red Raiders Football Notebook.

Big 12 Football:

FWST's Jimmy Burch has some thoughts on the Big 12 quarterbacks . . . also from the FWST, check out this morning's edition of Wendell Barnhouse's College Football Insider . . . The Chron's Terrance Harris talks to one of the Aggies who paid for Coach Fran's newsletter . . . SAEN's Big 12 Notebook . . .