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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Crabtree to Become Unstoppable Edition

DTN News:

I did enjoy this quote from Coach Leach on Michael Crabtree:

"A lot of it is contagious enthusiasm for the game. That's really what makes Crabtree more than anything. He hasn't come close to playing a perfect game. As a matter of fact, this next week we're going to work on him blocking. But the thing is, he goes full speed, makes stuff happen, expects good things to happen, hates when he gets pulled off the field and probably, as I've said before, isn't real happy when the game's over."

There isn't a doubt in my mind that Coach Leach understands how great he is and can be, but now it's just a matter of trying to make Crabtree perfect by working on those subtle items that make players so valuable to their team.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams has a nice article the day after Saturday's win against Iowa State which includes a quick preview of Texas A&M.

What the hell? LAJ's Don Williams notes in his Red Raiders Football Notebook that there are still 400 tickets available for the Texas A&M game. Don also notes that according to ISU coach Gene Chizik that his defense was attempting to keep everything in front of the Cyclones. Graham Harrell on what he saw:

"I don't think it's really what we prepared for against them, but it's what they gave us," Tech quarterback Graham Harrell said. "They just dropped and dropped their linebackers really deep. At times when we weren't driving really, I think it was because we were trying to force it downfield or trying to make too much happen.

"The second half, that's what got us going. They were determined not to give up the big play, so we started taking little things and our guys were turning it into big plays."

Big 12 Football:

DMN goes Around the Big 12 . . . SAEN's Tim Griffin gives Michael Crabtree some more print to detail his record breaking season . . .