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ISU v. Texas Tech - Game Photos

First off, I need to give some serious love to my law school friend, Blue, and his fiance, Cressinda. They were hooked up with a tailgate and as a result, so was I. Life doesn't get much better than conversation with good friends and a Keystone or 4 before the game.

I may be in the minority, but I love West Texas. Driving out to Lubbock made me miss being there.

Let's get to some game photos:

The Masked Rider leads the team:

The Texas Tech flags:


This was what I was talking about with Coach McNeill. He was coaching each and every one of those players on Saturday night. I have no doubt they were all on the same page.

I had no idea that Sam Fehoko (number 43) had "Troy Polamalu hair". I think it's a good look for Sam.

The offense lined up.

Harrell goes back to pass.

I too noticed Coach Leach's wrap.

Double T scoreboard.