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Sunday Night Schedule

There's so much to talk about here I'm not going to go into the individual break-downs of each position. Being on the road for most of the day Saturday, attending the game, not being able to sleep, not being able to figure out how to get hot water out of the shower at the motel, and driving home on Sunday left me worn out. Not to mention I needed to pay attention to the wife when I got home. That being said, I had a tremendous time in Lubbock and I will be posting pictures later in the week when I get them uploaded.

Did anyone pay attention to the fact that I correctly predicted the score, to the friggin point in the ISU v. Texas Tech preview?

PREDICTION: Iowa State 17, Texas Tech 42.

I'll assign grades to each position with a quick blurb and then I have a ton of random thoughts about both sides of the ball. I'll make this into two separate posts.

And yes, I plan on doing the grades and comments tonight.