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New Texas Tech Commitment - Brandon Sesay

The Texas Tech Red Raiders picked up their latest commitment, Brandon Sesay, a 6'6" 270 pound defensive end from the Collge of the Sequoias earlier this week.

Sesay is thought to be the 10th best JUCO prospect as ranked by in the country and had offers from Florida, Georgia, LSU, Miami (FL), Oklahoma and Tennessee.

You'll note that Sesay is the 10th best JUCO prospect, defensive end McKinner Dixon is the 14th and Jocques Crawford is the 50th best JUCO prospect.

Not a bad haul, of course you'd prefer that the coaches go light on JUCO prospects, I think I counted 6 in the 2008 recruiting class:

  • Jocques Crawford, DB
  • McKinner Dixon, DE
  • Dimitri Lott, OL
  • Broderick Marshall, DT
  • Jarell Routt, DB
  • Brandon SeSay, DE

That's an awful lot of JUCO's, but perhaps opposed to previous years it appears that these commits are fairly highly rated. It will be interesting to see how this plays out next year when this current and relatively young version of Texas Tech who is playing will have a year's worth of experience under their belt and then you have the influx of this JUCO talent. Lots of competition.