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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Winn to Start Edition

DTN News:

Was I too hard on Tillman? After thinking about it for an evening or two, I realized that I blasted Tillman not because I thought he was guilty of any alleged crime, but because I think he's bad on the football field.

I fully admit that I let my frustration with Tillman between the lines on the football affect my compassion, or lack thereof, when Tillman was arrested.

My anger was misplaced. That doesn't mean that Tillman still didn't get arrested, but it's not up to me whether or not he'll be able to dismiss any of these legal issues. And I still think that Leach did the right thing for now, suspend him indefinitely until things get sorted out. If he loses a game or two, that's unfortunate, but life isn't fair.

I feel like I attacked Tillman because he frustrates me to no end on the football field, not because of his actions on Monday and for that I'm sorry.

Texas Tech Football:

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Somewhat surprising news from LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raider Football Notebook, Jake Johnson is being replaced by Marlon Winn at right tackle. Although I can't document it right now, I thought there were times where Johnson was having trouble with quicker defenders in prior games but because of his size he was able to basically just get in the way. Winn is a more athletic tackle who should be able to handle quicker defenders as well as bigger defenders (he's still 6'5" 300 pounds). Coach Moore has always been ready to pull the trigger when it comes to improving the starting lineup. Here's Coach Moore:

"He's such an athletic guy," Moore said. "He's making himself better, because he's competing for that job."


"A little, faster guy, Marlon does a better job with," Moore said. "If it's a great big, strong, bull-rush type of guy, Jake's 350 pounds ... That's when he has more success."

I think in the long run, this is the best move for this team and this offensive line. Marlon is probably a more technically sound lineman right now and Johnson is just bigger and more powerful.

A nice feature by LAJ's Don Williams on freshman wide receiver Detron Lewis. Inside receivers coach Dana Holgorsen wants Lewis to contend for a starting job:

"We want him to push for a starting position," inside receivers coach Dana Holgorsen said this week. "He's got the ability to do it. He looked good from day one."

Perhaps the most interesting quote is from Coach Leach on his philosophy of redshirting players versus playing them:

"Ultimately, you hope that it's worth it that he gets enough (snaps) in," Leach said. "But by the same token, the more game exposure you have, the further (along) and the better you play the following year as well. So the experience has a value, even if it's limited."


"You'd like to have some experience around the position (next year)," he said. "You can get a certain amount in practice, but games are a little better."

Interesting thought. I can't help but agree, game experience will outweigh any practice or scrimmage experience. If Lewis doesn't get any playing time now, it could be a difficult learning curve next year where Don points out that Danny Amendola and Grant Walker are seniors and Eric Morris is a junior. Lewis is going to have to be ready to play next year.

FWST's Dwain Price features freshman linebacker Brian Duncan.

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