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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Reed Practices Edition

Double T Nation News:

I've posted a new poll to the right, asking you to predict the outcome to the Baylor game, remembering that the current spread is 21 points. Keep in mind that we haven't had a great record over the last 2 weeks, vote carefully.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams features right tackle Marlon Winn this morning. After reading this quote from Winn, I can't help but feel a little bit giddy that the staff and players are working hard to be a better team and better players:

"Having Jake come in and basically work harder than I did and beat me out of my job, it was tough at first,'' said Winn, a 6-foot-6, 305-pound sophomore from Waxahachie. "But I've always been a person who never quit. I work hard at whatever I do. That's just the mentality I have is to never quit and never let anybody bring me down.''

I, along with most others, thought that Winn would start at right tackle from day 1 at the first of the season and I was a little shocked to see that Johnson had earned the job. Aside from that I had been a little worried about Johnson's ability to keep up with some of the smaller and quicker players and thought that Winn would be a better option during the conference portion of the season.

Here's offensive line coach, Matt Moore:

"He's really been an inspiration to a lot of the guys,'' Moore said. "He's a hard-working guy. He and the other linemen are really close. He's playing real hard. He's a good technician. He's going to be a great player one day. He's just battling right now to keep his head above water.''

This is a good article, go read the whole thing.

Happy days! Don reports in his Red Raiders Football Notebook that receiver L.A. Reed has returned to practice after missing 3 games due to what appeared to be a leg injury during the Iowa State game. Don also notes that right tackle Jake Johnson returned to practice after hobbling off the field on Saturday.

In hated Baylor Bear news, DMN's Brian Davis is reporting that quarterback Blake Szymanski will start on Saturday.

Big 12 and College Football:

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse checks in with his College Football Insider and attempts to make sense of the current bowl projections . . . SAEN's Tim Griffin Sizes up the Big 12 . . . Pretty good story about Prarie View A&M's football coach Henry Frazier III who has turned around a once abysmal football team (remember, Prarie View A&M lost over 80 consecutive games at one point) . . .