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Coach Knight Receives 3rd Commitment From Tyree Graham

Texas Tech Basketball:

I've been meaning to give this a post all it's own, but just have run out of time, but this past weekend, Coach Knight received his 3rd commitment of the season from combo guard Tyree Graham from Durham, North Carolina. Here's Graham on his decision:

"I was at about 95 percent that I knew before I even came here that I wanted to come to Texas Tech," Graham said. "I love Coach Knight's character. He gets into his players and gets the best out of them, and that's what I want."

Sounds like this kids will be willing to work hard and learn and that's great news for Texas Tech fans.

I did find this bit on Graham and what I believe was his AAU team (scroll down to about 1/3 down the page):

After starting the year at Southern Durham, Graham transferred to Mount Zion. He was scheduled to play with Team In the Zone at the Breakdown Hoops Festival, but due to a neck injury that occurred the day before the tournament, he unfortunately couldn't run with the team.

Graham is a sharp shooting combo guard, but whose body is much more point guard oriented.

He averaged over 20 points per game as a junior at Southern Durham and was a teammate of Julian Gamble's.

Graham has a number of schools after him including East Carolina, Illinois, Illinois-Chicago, NC State, St. John's, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

Last week when we took a look at this year's squad, it seemed fairly obvious that there wasn't a ton of depth at the guard position and signing Graham is a tremendous help. Burgess and Zeno will both graduate this year leaving Roberson and Voskuil as the only true guards left on the team, although there are small forwards who can certainly swing to guard.

I also updated the 2008 Recruiting Board and put the link on the left-hand side margin of the main page. If you click on a player's name a new window will come up that is a Google News link and, in theory, you should be able to check out what that player is doing in the news. One other note, apparently to even view the commitment list or view a player is now pay material for, which is why I didn't link to I don't have a membership to either network, so it's not a bias, I'm just cheap.