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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Very Focused Edition

Texas Tech Football:

As mentioned last night, Aaron Crawford is replacing Shannon Woods at running back. Here's Coach Leach on the change:

"I don't think the position's been as productive as we'd like, and in practice Aaron clearly outplays Shannon, and so we're going to go with Aaron,'' Leach said.


"Right now, we have him working with us on the scout team,'' Leach said Monday about Woods. "I think Aaron's very focused, very driven and his effort really transcended those other guys over there at running back. It's clear that he's a guy that we need to develop.''

Amazing, Leach says in the first paragraph that Crawford "clearly outplays" Woods, as if it's not even close. That's a bold statement to make about your starting running back. The other little bit of a shock is the statement that Crawford's talent "transcended those other guys". That's an extra bold, and perhapps damning, statement to say about all of the other running backs who are also one the team.

In Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook he's got a notebook full of notes about the Red Raiders. First, receiver Michael Crabtree was named as a semifinalist for the Belitnikoff Award and quarterback Graham Harrell was named as a semifinalist for the Davey O'Brien Award.

Don also notes that Leach believed two of Graham Harrell's interceptions weren't his fault:

"I thought the first interception was a good read, should have been a catch,'' Leach said. "Second interception was just awful on Graham's part. Third interception was a decent read and should have been a catch. And then the fourth interception should have never been thrown. It probably shouldn't have been intercepted, but shouldn't have been thrown under any circumstances, and he threw it blind.''

I didn't notice this on Saturday, but Stephen Hamby is an occasional blocker out of the backfield:

"We usually run the ball out of it, and it works pretty well,'' said Hamby, who is 6-foot-3 and close to 290 pounds. "I look forward to it.

"It's kind of funny, because I'm just standing there (on the sideline) and I have to follow (Mike) Leach around, which is awkward. Then they start yelling at me, and I have to run in there and next thing you know, I have to run out. I think I'm first-string halfback on slot, so they can call me Hamby Lane or something like that.''

The Texas Tech and Texas game will be televised on ABC on November 10th at 2:30 p.m.