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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Tillman Suspended Edition

DTN News:

I meant to mention this last week, but official DTN high school team, St. Mike's in Austin, pummeled the Hyde Park Baptist Panthers, 35-0. The Crusaders held the Panthers to 129 yards for the entire game. Excellent work men.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams and DMN's Bill Nichols both have additional details regarding the Tillman arrest and his subsequent suspension by Coach Leach indefinitely. Here's Coach Leach from Don's article:

"I know two sentences, which is he got arrested and posted 700 dollars or something like that," Leach said. "That's all I know about it. But we're not going to have any distractions, so he's suspended until there aren't any. Then what happens from there, I don't have any idea. I have to get to the bottom of it."

Coach Leach also sounds like a man who's ready to cut bait with Tillman:

"He's suspended until we get to the bottom of it and then figure out the details," said Leach, who learned of the incident Tuesday morning. "I don't want any distractions. Anytime somebody gets arrested, it's disappointing, but you move on."

Yes, Coach. Move on.

In Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook he notes that right guard Brandon Carter is back and practice and is expected to play Saturday. Also in the Notebook, there's a mention that the defense is more simple than it was before, which is what most of us wanted, an attacking style of defense rather than a read and react.

Texas Tech is also graduating 79% of it's football players from 1997 through 2000. That's excellent work and it makes me proud of my program, but why is it that the data is 7 years old? You would think that it wouldn't take this long to acquire the data. Just curious why the NCAA waits so long to present graduation rates.

DT's Adam Coleman discusses the number of offensive linemen playing of late. With Brandon Carter injured, Stephen Hamby took over and Justin Keown and Chris Olson took over for center Shawn Byrnes:

"They're good, they're young, they're working hard," Byrnes said about the younger offensive linemen. "I trust them to go in at anytime. We're not too deep, so we've lost a couple players in the past that we could've used. It's OK. They're coming out ready to play. I think they played great in the second half of this past game, so they're doing good."

Big 12 and College Football:

SAEN's Tim Griffin's Sizing Up the Big 12 ranks the Big 12 and thinks that Crabtree and Harrell are 1 and 2 in the Offensive POY Watch . . . FWST's Wendell Barnhouse's College Football Insider explains how the new kickoff rule hasn't changed much and thinks that Graham Harrell is atop the Davey O'Brien Quarterback Award.