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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Joe Bob From High School Edition

Double T Nation News:

I'm not promising anything over the next two days. If I'm up early enough I'll post links, but there will definitely be an open game day thread. Thus, those of you who are watching at home, please feel free to join the rest of DTN in commenting on the game.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams notes that Coach Leach comments on the Big 12 North Division teams. Leach was asked why the Red Raiders have struggled against the North Division teams:

"I think they're good teams, and there's ups and downs and lots of variables,'' said Leach, who is 13-10 against North teams. "It depends on how it went the week before, who's healthy, who's not ...

"I just think it's random. There's no special method of preparing (for North teams), nor should there be. If there is, that's a group that's about to screw up.''

Leach was also asked as to whether or not part of the problem was the players not being quite as motivated for North teams as they are with South teams:

"That'd be a little more interesting from the standpoint of the players,'' he said. "Guys on our team would know more of the players from schools within the state and less of them at Iowa State. Regardless how well you know somebody or don't know somebody, if you're going to play, at some point you have to focus on your job and doing it the best of your ability, whether it's against Deion Sanders or Joe Bob from high school.''

DT's Adam Coleman says that Colorado hopes for a repeat performance. Colorado defensive back Terrance Wheatley on defending Texas Tech:

"I don't think you start from square one," he said. "You probably want to do something similar to what you did last year. You know you don't want to run the same coverages or, from an offensive standpoint, run the same plays because you know they'll probably have that scouted pretty well."

Coleman also hears from Colorado quarterback Cody Hawkins who is focused on the Red Raiders:

"I don't think anyone has made any plans to go home for Christmas," he said. "We're all about football right now, and we're trying to win football games right now. We have to beat Texas Tech, then Missouri; we have got to beat Iowa State, and we have to beat Nebraska. We're just trying to win football games and whatever happens, happens."

DT's Ben Maki focuses on the Red Raiders as they look to stay in the hunt for the Big 12 South title. Junior quarterback Graham Harrell on what the Red Raiders can expect:

"I think Missouri had success with what they did, so I'm sure we'll see some of it," he said. "I think it's very similar to last week's defense, so we're just going to have to attack it and make some plays. It's not like there weren't any guys open or we weren't having our chances last week, we just weren't converting on our chances."

Big 12 and College Football:

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