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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Nose for the Ball Edition

Double T Nation News:

Time will be a little short the next couple of days. I'm leaving to go to Lubbock on Friday night, I will be at the game on Saturday against Colorado and will drive back on Sunday. I'm bringing the laptop, but I don't know how much I'll actually be able to accomplish. The Colorado-Texas Tech preview will be posted later tonight.

Texas Tech Football:

FWST's Dwain Price's features junior receiver Eric Morris and compares him to former Red Raider, Wes Welker. Here's Coach Leach:

"Eric's got a nose for the ball and he's good at finding the open areas," Leach said. "He's similar to Wes.

"He's similar from the standpoint that he's small, he's similar from the standpoint that he's really good at playing out of his guts like Wes."

Morris takes note of the pride the group has in catching the ball and blocking down the field:

"Obviously I'd like to catch the ball," Morris said. "None of us are really selfish guys. When we watch film we have receivers that are downfield blocking. I think we take pride in that, too."

That pride is evident as Morris is often seen blocking downfield for Crabtree and Amendola, and vice versa.

"When another guy catches the ball," Morris said, "we're going to be hustling downfield and try to spring him for that big play by making a big block downfield."

Price also notes that Morris was a gifted basketball player? I didn't know that. The whole article is good, so click on the link above.

DMN's Brandon George has a quick note on Graham Harrell playing for his father:

"I loved it," Harrell said. "It's exciting. It's a chance that a lot of kids don't get the opportunity to experience. I'm sure he's enjoying every second of it. They're both having a good time, and they're doing a good job right now together."

LAJ's Jeff Walker features freshman quarterback Cody Hawkins, son of head coach Dan Hawkins. Jeff always does an excellent job and this article is no exception.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Senior guard Martin Zeno has been named as a candidate to the John R. Wooden Award list

Big 12 and College Football:

Nebraska Cornhusker blog, Corn Nation, interviews the author of "We Are Marshall" - excellent interview, you should take the time to read this. . . FWST's Jimmy Burch and his weekly Big 12 Insider, a must read . . . The Chron's Joe Duarte has his Big 12 Notebook . . .