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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Just Punt Edition

Double T Nation News:

I forgot to mention that I put up a new poll earlier this week, go vote on the outcome of Saturday's game against Colorado.

Texas Tech Football:

We lead off with DMN's Brandon George, who notes that Captain Leach is not a fan of the punt. Coach Leach on the Missouri game:

"Yeah, I didn't think it was a good idea really," Leach said Monday. "I mean, it was short, and we had a lot of space and whatnot, but it wasn't a good idea. I should have punted."

I had the same sentiment during and after the game, but the thing most interesting to me is that Texas Tech has perhaps the most reflective coach in America who is willing to admit his mistakes. I hardly ever see a coach admit that he's wrong and that's certainly refreshing. Leach continues:

"Between frustration and everyone wanting to do well [against Missouri], it becomes a series of over-corrections, which is too bad," Leach said. "And on my part, too. You know, punt. I don't like to punt, but punt."

He actually sounds pretty conflicted over whether or not to punt when he's in that 35 to 40 yard range, but I think Leach's insistence on going for it on 4th down is more a result of his belief that he 4 to 5 yards on 4th down is no different than 2nd or 3rd. I think he honestly believes that the offense can get this yardage more times than not, so why the hell not.

LAJ's Don Williams checks in with defensive coordinator, Ruffin McNeill, who asks his defense play like they did for the 3 weeks prior to Missouri. Chris Parker on Coach McNeill's request:

"He (McNeill) said that wasn't us,'' senior cornerback Chris Parker said. "He said we didn't look as fast as we have been. He said we needed to get back to the basics and start moving fast like we did the last three games.''

Coach McNeill on the last three days of practice:

"We had a Sunday night practice in pads,'' he said. "It was great, and (Monday) they were all in the fieldhouse watching film. We had a real good practice today, and let's hope we put another one back-to-back tomorrow and have a great focus day on Thursday. But they bounced back well starting on Sunday. We put our pads on Sunday and did a good job.''

Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook has a lot of interesting depth position notes. First, true freshman Mickey Okafor is moving from right tackle to left tackle, which isn't necessarily a surprise for me as I always thought that Okafor was too athletic not to be at left tackle. The only contingency was whether or not he would have the strength to play left tackle. Dominique Delpeche will remain at right tackle. Don also details the linemen who travel with the team.

Also of note is the middle linebacker position, where sophomore Victor Hunter has been backing up Paul Williams, but that Brian Duncan may be best suited for the position. Also, freshman Sam Fehoko is showing Coach McNeill that he can play:

"Sam shows leadership, number one,'' McNeill said. "He plays with great intensity and has a lot of tenacity about him. I like that. He's going to be a good leader at that middle position for us.''

Texas Tech Basketball:

DT's Adam Coleman has a very intriguing article about Martin Zeno stepping into the leadership role for Texas Tech. Here's Coach Knight on the leadership last year:

"We had very, very poor leadership last year," Tech coach Bob Knight said. "You have to have it from seniors, or those that have played the most, but when it isn't there, you've got to get it elsewhere. And when you don't get it elsewhere, then we're not sure that isn't a problem this year. We're just trying to see where we're going to be with that phase of everything this year."

Is that an indictment on Jay Jackson? Knight continues that Zeno understands the team's need to be a leader for this group of men:

"He has to be a leader," Knight said. "He's what I was talking about last year, when we don't have any leadership from seniors last year, then Martin has to step into it. That's not an easy thing to do. Now, I think Zeno understood our lack of leadership to the extent that we didn't have it. But he didn't understand that this is something he should be working at, something he should be doing last year."

Big 12 and College Football:

SAEN's Tim Griffin Sizes Up the Big 12 where Harrell and Crabtree are no longer atop his Big 12 POY offensive standings . . . FWST's Wendell Barnhouse checks in with his College Football Insider . . .