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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Good Ol' Judge Ito Edition

Double T Nation News:

Saturday before the game I started revamping the Community Guidelines for Double T Nation. The prior Community Guidelines were lengthy and boring. I've tried to shorten them a bit, make them a little more conversational. Remember, there's no need to name-call, everyone is entitled to an opnion and I want each of you to have a forum to express them.

Also in the Community Guidelines you can find out who I am as well as some HTML tips.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that the Red Raiders are ready to move on from the Missouri loss. Here's Harrell:

"No one feels like anything's wrong," Harrell said. "We got beat last week. That's just part of the game. I think everyone knows that there's nothing wrong. We don't need to go in and try to change anything, try to fix anything. We just have to go out and make plays, and we didn't do that last week."


"This week at Missouri it didn't have anything to do with (lack of) effort or excitement or being ready to play," Harrell said. "Last week, we had a great week of practice. We were excited. We were ready to play. We just let some internal frustrations get to us, and it snowballed against us."

I would assume that Harrell, in the above quote, is talking about in-game frustrations. I also think it's natural for Leach and the rest of the offense to state that there's nothing wrong with the offense, and that's probably true, but I would think that they would want to diversify the offense a little more this week rather than the over-the-middle passes that we saw last week against Missouri. One other note, I cannot recall any particular catch where the receivers were in stride catching a pass across the middle for a big gain. Although I didn't specifically watch for it, I would assume that the Missouri corners did an excellent job bumping the Texas Tech receivers off their routes, out of rhythm, etc.

Classic Coach Leach Quote Warning: When Coach Leach was asked about whether or not there was a let-down after taking it to the Aggies, Coach Leach had this to say:

"I always wonder if maybe that isn't a factor," Leach said, "and I think in a lot of cases, to an extent, it is. I don't think it is in this one. What happens with players ... (is) like Judge Lance Ito gets in the middle of a big trial and decides it's more important for him to be a movie star than it is for him to be a judge, so he had problems doing his job from one snap to the next. If it can happen to good ol' Judge Ito, I'm sure it can happen to 18- to 22-year-olds."

I've got nothing.

It's strange to see Coach Leach praise this team after a bad loss, this must be a special group of young men:

"We've improved a lot, and I think this group's very driven to get better, and that's apparent to me," he said. "... The work ethic of this group and how they've hung together on everything I think's been very impressive. That's what's exciting about this team, and that's what makes this team one of the most fun to coach that I've ever had."

Williams also noted that Coach Leach brought back the Sunday practice (it had been canceled for the past 2 weeks).

In a LAJ notebook, although it's not called a notebook, Don Williams states that the Texas Tech v. Baylor game will not be televised and that the dropped passes was because the players were too tight. Don also notes that Shawn Byrnes was in an orthopedic boot on Monday. In the LAJ's Big 12 Power Rankings, Williams believes that Texas Tech is still the 5th best team in the conference.

In Don Williams Red Raiders Football Blog he believes that the Missouri-type losses will happen when top 5 talent shows up in Lubbock. Don believes that this team, should it win 8 games, will overachieve for the talent level and experience. I think I predicted 8 wins for this team as well so maybe we all should just relax.

DMN's Brandon George also writes this morning that there's no panic for Texas Tech. Coach Leach on what the team needs to do:

"We went out and pressed much of the game and continued to press," Leach said. "The unfortunate fact was we never really had momentum, and as you face adversity, you have to go take momentum, but you can't do it if you're frustrated.

"What I think is the cause, everybody is trying too hard. Everybody is trying to do too much. We just need to settle down and just focus on what we do."

George also notes that linebacker Kellen Tillman could be dressed for Saturday's game against Colorado.