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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Missouri Game Day Edition

Double T Nation News:

Thoughts on today's game and the various predictions. I think this is one of those games where most Red Raider fans are fairly confident in our bunch. We've seen some good things both offensively and defensively recently. Essentially, there's no reason why we shouldn't trust our eyes. I would imagine that Missouri fans feel the same way. Except for last week's game, Missouri had been playing much the same way. OU is a tough opponent so there's not much same in that loss and for the most part they played OU close.

The open game day thread is coming up later this morning.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams feature article this morning compares and contrasts the Missouri and Texas Tech versions of the spread offense. Here's defensive ends coach Charlie Sadler:

"Realistically, there's not that much similarity between the two,'' Tech defensive ends coach Charlie Sadler said. "The running plays they run are somewhat different than what we run. Their pass routes, the way they adjust, is different than what we do. When they line up, it may look the same, but when the ball's snapped, it's a lot different offense.''

Don't forget about the LAJ's regular features:

DMN's Brandon George has an excellent article this morning on Coach Leach's ability to bond the team and the chemistry of this current version of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. As I said yesterday, this is one of those articles that you need to read in its entirety.

George also previews today's game and has his prediction.

SAEN's Tim Griffin and his Big 12 Insider. As always, a must read. Tim picks Texas Tech and Missouri as his game of the day and previews today's game

FWST's Dwain Price compares both Chase Daniel and Graham Harrell, looking back to their high school roots. Price also takes a look at both of their numbers and previews today's game.

The Chron preview's today's game.