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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Go Down and Score Edition

DTN News:

I've been a little preoccupied the last couple of days. My 84 year old secretary's daughter passed away on Sunday. It's sad seeing her have to bury her daughter, and helping out has kept me away from blogging responsibilities more than usual. I'll just be staying up later and waking up earlier.

I will be going to the game on Saturday against Iowa State and I'm excited about my first game in Lubbock of the year.

Texas Tech Football:

The Texas A&M v. Texas Tech matchup, in Lubbock, on October 13th is going to be televised on ABC and the start time has been moved to 2:30 p.m.

LAJ's Don Williams recalls last year 42-26 victory over Iowa State last year. Harrell had 6 touchdowns that day and had this to say about this year's matchup:

"Of course, they have a different scheme, different coaches, stuff like that," Harrell said. "It's probably not going to look a lot like the same defense that we played last year, but we're going to go out and try to execute like we do every week."

Coach Leach thinks that Iowa State's coach Gene Chizik's situation reminds him of his first year at Texas Tech:

"It kind of reminds me of my first year here, just from the standpoint that there are things you must adjust and you improve quickly as time goes on, which I think they've done," Leach said. "There are always challenges as you get your stuff in place, but I think they're a team that flies around and plays with a certain level of intensity, and I expect a good challenge."

FWST's Dwain Price's Texas Tech Notes mentions that despite incredible numbers, there's been little to no attention given to Harrell and Crabtree in regards to the Heisman, but Coach Leach has thoughts on the Heisman Race:

"Though it's getting a little harder to ignore with some of these Adonises they have on the list that are having a tough time," Leach said at his Monday news conference. "I think Graham and Crabtree are both looking maybe a little more inviting at this point."

Leach also commented the defense and the quick attitude adjustment the defense has undertaken:

"One of the things that I saw [Saturday] that was most impressive in that game was after [Northwestern State] scored, the players didn't come back to the sidelines with their heads down," Leach said. "Their heads were up, they're sprinting to the sidelines, and I see groups of players and coaches that are working together.

"[Defensive coordinator] Ruffin [McNeill] is very key to that and spearheaded that."

DMN's Bill Nichols notes that Brian Duncan, who started in place of Kellen Tillman at strongside linebacker on Saturday will return to backing up Paul Williams at middle linebacker. Also, when asked if there were any special instructions on the Red Raiders scoring on their opening drive:

"Yeah, I say, 'Go down there and score.'"

DT's Adam Coleman focuses on the number of young players who played and excelled against NW St., including Lyle Leong, Detron Lewis, Tyler Potts, Aaron Crawford and Brian Duncan. Graham Harrell had this to say about wide receiver Lyle Leong:

"I thought they did really, really well," Harrell said. "Lyle's a great player. Obviously, he can jump. I think he won the state championship in high jumping in 5-A which is pretty impressive. He goes and gets the ball; he has probably better hands than anyone on the team honestly. He doesn't ever drop balls. He's a great player and he's made some great catches just going up and getting the ball."

Big 12 Football:

FWST's Wendell Barnhouse focuses on the fuzzy national title picture.