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Thoughts on the Ring Master Arrest

I won't say it's a happy day, but I was a little shocked this afternoon when I saw the diary from DTN reader, djollie111, that the least favorite DTN Red Raider, Kellen Tillman was arrested for possession of marijuana.

I'm not sure what to say here. Part of me is celebrating because I can't stand Tillman on the field. He takes bad angles on tackles, misses tackles, and is the classic "piler-on" (i.e. he jumps on the pile after the tackle is made to appear that he was involved in the tackle).

But now I'm frustrated at Tillman for wasting an opportunity, but whatever, why should I care about him? Tillman didn't start on Saturday for some sort of disciplinary action and now his dumb ass goes and does this? Where's the logic here? (I realize there's no logic.)

The thing that drives me more batty than anything else is this smug picture where Tillman is showing off his 5 bowl rings, of which he barely earned any of them (remember last year he was benched in the 2nd half of the Insight Bowl because he sucks?). Just in case you were wondering here's what he did in all of those bowl game:

  • 2006 Insight Bowl: 1 tackle.
  • 2005 Cotton Bowl: Played but did not register a tackle.
  • 2004 Holiday Bowl: Did not play.
  • 2003 Houston Bowl: Stats do not indicate if he played.
  • 2002 Tangerine Bowl: Stats do not indicate if he played.

So as far as I can tell, Tillman earned those 5 rings by registering 1 tackle. Way to go! Congratulations!

If I were Coach Leach (Dear, Lord, I pray that someday that will be possible) I'd suspend Tillman for 3 games. I know, seems like a relatively easy punishment, but a true freshman in Bront Bird and a redshirt freshman in Brian Duncan are going to show the coaches that they are more talented and more responsible than Tillman. Tillman wasted an opportunity and I hope that he will never see the field again. In my eyes he hasn't earned that privilege. Besides, it would be more fitting to see him pine away on the bench seeing what type of opportunity he's wasted. Perhaps he'll learn his lesson.

Update [2007-10-2 22:47:28 by Seth C]:

Although the link isn't live yet from the LAJ, Tillman has been suspended indefinitely. More details tomorrow morning.

Also note the picture above. Tillman isn't even making a tackle on a feature photograph. The quarterback looks like he went fetal way before Tillman arrived. Surely that's some sort of irony or something, right?