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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Harrell Highlights Edition

DTN News:

Yesterday was Crabtree, how we have a full dose of Harrell, sans SMU and TAMU:

NCAA Football Highlights on

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams features junior quarterback Graham Harrell and the improvement over last year. Here's Harrell on his improvement:

"I think I'm playing better football right now, and I think a lot of it comes with experience,'' Harrell said. "They told me the other day that was my 20th start. After 20 games, you've seen a lot of things, and that helps, without question. I don't think it's something I wasn't doing last year that I'm doing this year better. I think more than anything it's having that many games of experience and being so much more confident, so much more calm back there.''

Don goes back to last year's Missouri game and we can all remember Harrell being replaced and the talk began about replacing Harrell for Chris Todd. I for one am thankful that Leach kept faith in Harrell as I believe that all quarterbacks in the Air Raid offense can use a year on the field before they perfect it and so far that's proven true with Harrell.

In Don's Red Raiders Football Notebook he mentions that defensive end Daniel Howard should return for Missouri as he practiced on Wednesday and it's still unclear as to whether or not L.A. Reed will return for Saturday's game.

A short blurb from DMN's Brandon George on Mizzou's use of trick plays:

"It breaks your continuity a little bit on offense," Leach said, "but the other thing is it keeps the other [team] off balanced. If you move the other guy around and make him apprehensive to a point, then it's been a success."

Texas Tech and Big 12 Basketball:

LAJ's Jeff Walker has his Big 12 Media Day Notebook and writes the same thing that I wrote last night, Coach Knight barely talked any Texas Tech basketball, but that's okay. Jeff also caught up with Knight School winner Tyler Hoffmeister who, along with Martin Zeno, represented the Red Raiders at Media Day. What a ride he's been on since he won that reality show.

DMN's Brian Davis also writes about Knight's avoidance of basketball related topics as well as detailing the injury concerns of some of the other Big 12 teams.

Finally, SAEN's Tim Griffin features the K-State Wildcats and believes that they may have one of the most talented teams in the Big 12. Tim also checks in with his Big 12 Basketball Notebook.